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 Travel to Vietnam and visit Ban Gioc Waterfall

Travel to Vietnam and visit Ban Gioc Waterfall


Ban Gioc Waterfall is a precious gift of nature for Cao Bang province. Located on the border between Vietnam and China, Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, 89 km from Cao Bang city, Ban Gioc is the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam, the largest natural waterfall in the South East Asia, and the fourth largest waterfall in the world. Travel to Vietnam and visit Ban Gioc Waterfall, you will be absolutely amazed at by its unaffected beauty.


The road leading to the waterfall is meandering around foot of mountains. On the two side of the road, sometimes there are valleys with small houses on hillsides, sometimes there are gross green fields. The landscape is so beautifully untouched that it can appeal any tourist on this trip to Vietnam.


Ban Gioc Waterfall is 53 meters high, 300 meters wide. At the middle of the fall, there is a large rock mound covered by trees, dividing the fall into three flows, which run through limestone steps and form many other waterfalls at various sizes. Large volume of water pours down from top of the cascade creating dazzlingly white spume halfway of the mountain. The scene is poetic grandeur.


 Travel to Vietnam and visit Ban Gioc Waterfall

The main cascade is low powerful. From the main cascade, many smaller falls are formed. In a distance, the whole waterfall looks like a great natural curtain. The beauty of this fall is compared with hair of Tay women. On the foot of the fall, transparent Quay Son River reflects clear blue sky and white clouds. Tourists can hire a small bamboo ferry to stroll around the foot of the cascade. Rowing to the middle of the river flow, you can see clearly the attraction of the waterfall. On the river side, the scene is picturesque with gross green fields and grass meadow. In the spring, the fall is gentle and poetic. In the summer, the grandiose cascade pours impetuously, shows the best of its power and strength.

On Vietnam trip to Ban Gioc fall, tourists will not only see the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam but also have chance to experience culture of ethnic people living in the mountainous area of Cao Bang. You can stay in little pretty stilt-houses of Tay people and see water mills rolling all day and night. Visiting Ban Gioc waterfall will be a highlight in your Vietnam trip.


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