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 Visit French-styled Hanoi with Indochina tours

Visit French-styled Hanoi with Indochina tours


Hanoi Vietnam is a should-not-missed destination in any Indochina tours">Indochina tours. Like other Indochina countries, romantic, ancient and elegant beauty of Hanoi has been formed partially under structures of French style. These works of the century contribute to creating specific characteristics for thousand-year-old Hanoi capital.

In general, French-styled structures in Hanoi have charming and nostalgic beauty, bearing many architectural features in many regions of France. However, there are some changes in appearance to fit for characters of use and climate in Vietnam.

Opera House

Built in 1901 and completed in 1911, Hanoi Opera House is a smaller version of Opera Garmier in Paris designed by two architects Harlay and Broyer. The structure has been playing as one of the most important cultural centers of the capital city, which often holds cultural activities and performances contributing to honor the art of Vietnamese theatre as well as symphony, chorus, musical play, opera. The Opera House is also a historical place where many important historic events are held.

Sofitel Metropole Hanoi:

Sofitel Metropole Hanoi is one of few hotels still remaining its ancient looking. Built in 1901 together with Opera House, the hotel has been operating for over a century. Metropole Hotel is always an optimal choice for tourists and businessmen visiting Hanoi. Sofitel Metropole offers customers high quality services including delicious meals, famous wine house, health center, outdoor pool, hall and conference rooms, etc. The hotel is rated as one of the best hotels in the region.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge built by French (1899 1902) is the first steel bridge crossing Red River in Hanoi. Initially the bridge was called Doumer, named after Paul Doumer the Governor-general of Indochina. Long Bien Bridge has extraordinary style designed by Eiffel, following the form of Tolbiac Bridge in District 13, Paris on the railway route Paris Orlans, France. The bridge has single railway for trains in the middle. Lanes for motor vehicles and walking are on two sides. Vehicles moving on the bridge flow down on the left, not on the right like other common bridges.

 Visit French-styled Hanoi with Indochina tours

Chu Van An High School

This school has been known as an ancient and beautiful school bearing the hallmark of French. Octagonal Building is the most outstanding structure in Chu Van An School. The structure used to be Schneider Villa (La villa Schneider), named after the host of the villa Henri Schneider, a French owner of a paper shop. There was a time the building was unoccupied and seriously damaged. In 1999, with the financial aid from le-de-France region in France, the Octagonal Building was repaired and used as school library. Nowadays, this building has become an impressive architectural structure on the side of West Lake.

North Gate Church

The church is the place to worship Reverend Mother the Queen of saints. The name of North Gate Church comes from its location near North Gate of Thang Long capital. The church was built from 1925 1930 on the large area stretching along Phan Dinh Phung street and the corner of Nguyen Bieu street. It was decorated as the style of European churches. French architect Ernest Hbrard created a dissymmetric architecture by a towering steeple above the main hall. This brings North Gate Church a special feature that differentiates the church from most of other French structures designed in precise well-matched lay-out in Vietnam.


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