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10 things that should not be missed in Vietnam trip

10 things that should not be missed in Vietnam trip


Vietnam is a country with various places to visit. However, in a travel in Vietnam, there are some must-do things and must-visit sites that make your trip more interesting. Below are some recommendations for you.

1. Highland markets

Markets in the mountainous area of Vietnam held by ethnic people are always attractive spots for tourists. Visiting these markets, tourists can see characteristic culture of each ethnic through colorful traditional costumes, cuisine and handicrafts. The boisterous atmosphere is also a specific spiritual feature of the ethnic markets. Bac Ha market in Lao Cai is an example.

highland market

2. Temples and pagodas

Temples and pagodas reflect particular features of religions in Vietnam. Moreover, architecture of these structures owns high cultural values that represent skills of the past generations.

3. Cu Chi tunnel

Cu Chi tunnel is one of the best 10 underground structures in the world. This place has a lot of things for you to explore. Visiting the tunnel, tourists will experience the life underground as Vietnamese did during wars. This is an attractive destination for tourists, especially veterans in the Vietnam War.

4. Beer

Drinking beers on the pavements of ancient streets in Hanoi is one of the most interesting things that you should not miss in a Vietnam trip. This is the best way to mingle with the local.

5. Hue Citadel

The complex of Hue reserves historical values from Vietnamese feudal dynasties. The architecture of palaces and ramparts in Hue is the most impressive for both Vietnamese and international tourists.

6. Water puppetry

Water puppetry is a unique traditional art form of theatre, which is originated from the culture of growing wet rice. This kind of arts requires artists to be highly skillful and creative. It is interested by a lot of tourists visiting Hanoi.

7. Hoi An

Ancient streets in Hoi An with small pretty antique houses are always appealing for tourists. Visiting Hoi An and going to tailor shops here, you will definitely be impressed by local tailors. Hoi An tailors can finish a product after only a few hours. It is totally worth trying.

8. Trekking Sapa

Exploring Sapa and conquering Fansipan the roof of Indochina are always among the top choices for international tourists in a trip to Vietnam. The picturesque Sapa with special cold weather all the year round is always an attractive destination.

9. Mekong River cruises

Mekong cruise is one of the most attractive tours when travelling in Vietnam. Floating on the river, tourists can visit fruit gardens, listen to folk songs of the Mekong Delta, enjoy local specialties. And dont forget to visit floating markets. This is also regarded as a specialty that only has in Vietnam Mekong Delta.

10. Halong Bay cruises

Ha Long Bay is one of the 7 wonders in the world and a world natural heritage site. Tourists should take a cruise to contemplate the grandiosity of the complex of Ha Long. Besides, there will be extra activities such as go fishing cuttlefish, swimming, kayaking.

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