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Hanoi, July 5, 2014

AloTrip International Ltd (, a pioneering travel company with international tourist-oriented, today kick off PLAN category for Vietnam Travel ( which helps tourists have good preparations before traveling Vietnam.

There goes saying "When in Rome do as the Romans do". It is always true. Yet, to have a smooth trip without being interrupted by strange incidents, you are required to have careful plans. With PLAN category, you can definitely prepare for a good trip to Vietnam with interesting experiences safety and pleasure.

Whether how far your trip is, there is a plenty of things to. Useful travel tips and handy checklists in PLAN will provide you from check-off important items to opportunities for living in Vietnam.

AloTrip - Plan to travel Vietnam

Especially, this menu is vary practical for expats who are about to reside in Vietnam in long or short terms. All information of living environment, cost of living, accommodation… in Vietnam is available on that set.

Expat jobs, study courses, even seeking a chance of investment in Vietnam are ready there. Menu PLAN lay out overviews of reputable companies, institutions, colleges and universities and investment opportunities in Vietnam for you.

Nguyen Manh Dung – director of AloTrip International Ltd, also leader of, shared about the new menu Plan:

“It's easy to forget items at home, especially when you're preparing for long trips. How if realizing you have forgot something important when you are already on the flight? In order to stop this from happening, recommends a list of things for you to tick off to have an ideal journey.”

To view more details of menu PLAN for Vietnam Travel, please visit:

Beside menu Plan, also offer menu About Vietnam:

And recently released new menu Vietnam News:


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We offer a unique range of flights, accommodation, tours and expeditions around Vietnam. The AloTrip team has extensive travel experience and training. We own experts who understand where tourists want to go, how to get them there and the priceless experiences they want to have. 

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