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Asean Resort Vietnam truly paradise

Asean Resort Vietnam truly paradise


Once visiting Hanoi, you should take time to travel to the outskirt and enjoy wonderful time in resorts. Asean Resort is one of new and luxurious resorts in Vietnam. It is famous for mineral mud bathing and other professional services.

Asean Resort is about 35 km far from Hanoi center to the west. Coming to this resort, you will be impressed by the dreaming paradise near hustle and bustle Hanoi city. This place can provide you with the best service of relaxation, cuisine and amusement.

Villa Room in Asean Resort

This is an ideal destination for you and your family to relax and reenergize. Unlike other resorts in Vietnam, Asean Resort attracts tourists by its many high-quality services. The resort is surrounded by beautiful Ninh Khieu Spring, creating a wonderful landscape in this mountainous area. Asean Resort is also favored with a wide range of flora system. Coming here, you have chances to enjoy fresh air and spacious atmosphere with green trees and beautiful flowers. This Vietnam resort is a gift of the Nature with beautiful villas, luxurious restaurants and fantastic entertainment center. Surely, you can save your time, money and receive international-standard services in this resort. With a series of restaurants situated in the best position of the resort, Asean Resort provides you with more than 300 Vietnamese and international dishes. By virtue of tasting these dishes, you will have chances to understand more about Vietnamese cuisine and culture. Besides, coming to this resort, you have an opportunity to enjoy Europe-styled barbecues. Interestingly, the resort has a public spacious room with a capacity of nearly 1000 people.

mud bathing in Asean Resort

This resort is one of rare Vietnam resorts having unique spa treatments. Here, you can enjoy mud bathing, or bathing with many kinds of special leaves. This kind of spa treatment can help you improve your health and beauty. By dint of bathing with mineral mud, you can revitalize and refresh. This is a good choice in your holidays. Coming to Asean Resort, you will have enjoyable time with this type of spa.

In addition, you can take part in some entertainment activities in this resort. Asean Resort is one of the best resorts in Vietnam holding many interesting traditional games, such as Sap dancing and rolling balls; also some x-games like grass-skiing, crocodile-catching, etc. Your holiday in Hanoi will be more interesting with Asean Resort.

Briefly, apart from traveling in Hanoi city, visiting Asean Resort is one of should-not-miss things to do. It will bring you interesting experience on exploring Vietnam resort.

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