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Basic needs for a trip to Vietnam

Basic needs for a trip to Vietnam


In order to ensure your visit to this beautiful country as safe and enjoyable as possible, you should have a careful preparation. You can prepare for Vietnam trips by considering which time of the year to travel, whether or not to go with an organized tour. Also, making sure you have all of your travel documents ready, obtaining the correct currency for your trip, and making sure you have all of your immunizations at least 6 weeks before you leave. The following steps will help you prepare for trip in Vietnam.

My Khe Beach in the Summer

Firstly, you should choose which time of year you want to travel to Vietnam. If you are going to visit North Vietnam, plan your trip between November and April to enjoy the spring weather. In this weather, it is cooler and drier than the rest of the year. In addition, there are many interesting folk festivals and ceremonies during your Vietnam Travel. Around the end of January and the beginning of February, Vietnamese people celebrate the Lunar New Year, also called Tet. although most people go home to spend this 4-day holiday with their families and many businesses are closed during this time, it's an interesting festival to witness and experience. Meanwhile, South Vietnam enjoys a warm climate all year round.

Secondly, you need to decide whether you want to travel by your own or as part of a tour. An organized group tour can ensure that your flights and accommodation is taken care of, as well as help you avoid common pitfalls, such as overpaying for attractions, getting lost, or even being robbed in your travel in Vietnam. If you do not want to travel as a part of a group, you are best advised to have a travel agent book your flights and hotel.

Thirdly, it is a must to obtain your passport and tourist visa. If you do not already have a passport, you should apply for one at your local post office. According to Vietnam visa regulation, visitors from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos and Indonesia having current passports can stay for 30 days in Vietnam without a visa, while those from the Philippines can stay for 21 days. If tourists have diplomatic passports from over 60 different countries, as well as ASEAN officials, they do not need a tourist visa to enter Vietnam. Tourists coming from Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark may stay for 15 days.

Next, you should visit your doctor for checking health and other medical precautions. If you are entering from a country with a risk of yellow fever virus, you will need proof of yellow fever immunization before entering Vietnam. Also, you need to ask your doctor which immunizations are currently required or recommended for Vietnam. Besides, you ought to ask about other medications, such as anti-malaria and anti-diarrhea drugs.

Other tip is that getting the correct currency for your Vietnam trip is a must. Currently, in Vietnam you can use U.S. dollars in many large hotels and tourist hotspots, but you will need the country's official currency- the Vietnamese dong to pay for services in beauty spots and at markets. You can exchange money at the airport and at banks, hotels and jewelry shops. Most hotels and businesses do not accept travelers' checks.

In addition, you should pay more attention to goods brought into the country for personal use. You may bring unlimited amounts of gold, silver, and other precious metal objects, as well as foreign currency, provided that you can give a detailed description on your customs form. You can take as many souvenirs with you as you like, so long as you can provide the receipts to the customs officers if they ask to see them before leaving the country.

Finally, your trips in Vietnam should be enclosed with a guidebook of a few helpful Vietnamese phrases. Also, a few polite words can get you a long way when traveling. Specifically, you should purchase a money belt that you can wear under your clothes. This is a safe and comfortable way of storing money and your travel documents on your person without tempting pickpockets.

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