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Binh Chau Hot Springs Resort in Vietnam

Binh Chau Hot Springs Resort in Vietnam


Binh Chau Hot Springs Resort is one of the most famous and reliable resorts in Vietnam. It is located approximately about 150km from Ho Chi Minh City, and about 60km northeast of Long Hai. Hence, it is quite easy to visit Binh Chau Hot Spring as visitors just need to take two and a half hour to drive from Ho Chi Minh City to Long Hai, home to Binh Chau Hot Springs Resort.

BinhChauHot Springs Resort in Vietnam

About 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province has many advantages of marine travel potential. Taking these advantages, BinhChau resort was established by the Saigon-Binh Chau Tourist Joint Stock Company. The firm has decided to reform an ecotourism and resort site withservice quality of international standard. Over 35 hectares of the Binh Chau Hot Spring land are invested to serve tourists here and there.

Regarding achievements, in August 2003, the happiness and success of this investment are rewarded by the World Travel Organizations recognition that Binh Chau Hot Spring is one of the 65 areas of sustainable ecotourism development of 47 nations around the world. This is also an effective way to greatly encourage ecotourism projects and Vietnam resorts in general.

At Binh Chau Hot Springs, you can experience hot spring fed swimming. The pool temperature is around 37C, and the minerals in the water, according to many researchers and health experts, are beneficial to bones, muscles and skin, and are able to improve blood circulation and mental disorders.The reason is that this hot mineral spring source containshealthy substances such as silicon, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium, chlorine...

Interestingly, in local mangrove forest, a cluster of 70 visible gushed spots of water at different temperature from 40oC to 82oC formed a huge natural hot water pot and hot mud, streaming out endlessly till today. According to the scientists, the combination of hot spa water, hot mud and fresh air of forest and sea is one of the best therapies for body-resistance and health recovery.

Additionally, sport and entertainment services for tourists on weekends are diversified such as golf course, volleyball practicing grounds, swimming pool, Moon garden and a one-thousand-seat theater, create feelings of staying in some five-star hotels of Vietnam.

To put it simple, just walk around Binh Chau area, breath fresh air and gaze away natural scenery, which seems covered by thin dew of steamhere, you will feel that almost every stress and pressure disappears. To enjoy all flavors of natural Binh Chau, tourists can visit Bang spring (far away 2 km) or to visit the zoo with many kinds of animals: bears, monkeys, weasels, geckos, eagles

Nearby the forest, where several Chau Ro families are living, tourists can listen to legends of hot spring, love story of young couple from the olds.

Binh Chau Hot Mineral Spring, as many tourists have commented when arriving here a real legend in the wild forest, is really an ideal destination!

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