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Cambodia guide to the mysterious mountain

Cambodia guide to the mysterious mountain


Bokor is located about 10km from Kampot City to the southwest formed by three mountains. Ridge of mountains are covered with clouds, as to make a mystery. The mountain was named Bokor because its shape looks like the hump on the back of a cow (Bokor under Khmer language means the hunchback of cows). With the height of 1.079m, Bokor is the highest peak of Ta Lon mountain population in Cambodia.

According to the legends of the Khmer people, Bokor Mountain was ruled by a goddess - Veang Kh'mau. Previously, local people only knew the gathering. Thanks to her teaching, people knew the rice cultivation, so their lives were no longer hungry. People worship her as the goddess representing the kindness and bringing the happiness to the people of Cambodia.

Bokor Hill Church

In early 1920, the French colony built a series of works in Bokor such as churches, post offices, schools and complex entertainment system consisting of hotel and casino for the French elite who want to stay away from the heat of Phnom Penh capital. The 50s and 60s, Royal members as King Sihanouk and Cambodian royal elite also chose Bokor as a resort. This can be regarded as a golden heyday of Bokor before being abandoned and becoming a ruin because of the ravages of war and nature. The ruins show clearly in the works, corrupt lime walls remaining of Bokor today.

Travel to Bokor is one of the most popular Cambodia tours when coming to Kampot. From the foot to the top of Bokor mountain, tourists must pass winding passes over 30km built solidly by the Cambodian government. From those roads, tourists can contemplate the Gulf of Thailand and the pearl island of Phu Quoc of Vietnam covered by the miraculous mist. Beyond 16km road pass, tourists will see the Statue of Veang Kh'mau Goddess with the height of 20m. Any people coming here drop by the statue to offer incense or pray for the peace and happiness with reverence.

Bokor Hill Station

The next destination is Bokor Hill Station built by the French. In 1993, Bokor National Park was renovated by King Monodom Sihanouk as the leading eco-tourism in Cambodia. Arriving at Bokor Hill Station, tourists will have to admire before the untouched beauty with the timeless ruins. The center of Bokor Hill Station is a hotel and casino entertainment complex - Bokor Palace Hotel.

Located not far from Bokor Palace Hotel is the ancient temple Wat Sampov Pram that the elderly call Five Boats or Nam Thien Pagoda. Legend has it that this temple was originally a small temple built in 1924 by King Monivong for Prince Pre Thong to practice. In the project to rebuild Bokor National Park, the Cambodian government has built Thansur Bokor Highland - a chain entertainment complex including casino, restaurant and hotel to replace Bokor Palace Hotel that the French built in the golden age of Bokor to serve foreign tourists all day and night with superior services.

On the way down the mountain, tourists will arrive at Povokyil waterfall associated with the legends. The scene around the waterfall is a combination of overlapped rocks alternating green and luxuriant plants making tourists admire the unspoiled beauty that nature has favorably bestowed here. "Murky, mysterious but still breathtaking beauty is things that tourists will feel when arriving Bokor on holiday in Cambodia.

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