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Cambodia tour to impressive islands

Cambodia tour to impressive islands


Cambodia tourism is generally hiding the potential beauty nowhere else can be found. The forgotten islands in Cambodia have up to now been attracting the attention of the tourists preferring to explore new experiences. This archipelago nowadays is also a destination for tourists who are bravely looking for a secret paradise for own themselves.

Koh Rong Island

After decades of the isolation, taking part in Cambodia tours means tourists are going to explore a destination where its nature is still one of the most pristine areas in Southeast Asia. Except from two well-known islands attracting tourists as Russei Koh and Koh Tonsey with the renowned tourist destinations, namely Sihanoukville and Kep, the secluded islands will provide tourists the exciting discovery trips.

Koh Rong is the second largest island in Cambodia with the area of ​​78 sqkm. It is actually a great spot to relax and explore because the island is still fairly pristine and peaceful. The west of Koh Smach Island is a peaceful destination which seems to be suitable for tourists to get a hammock, relaxing and tranquilly falling the sleep in a deserted paradise.

The trip to these islands not only simply explores the sand, wave or towering coconut grove but truly experiences the living of the local people. Joining in any Cambodia tours, tourists will experience daily activities as a real fisherman. Along with simple-minded local people, tourists are taken part in anchoring in fishing villages on the island such as Koh Sdach or Koh Kong, fishing squid at night and then enjoying fresh seafood right on the beach.

Exploring the 440 kilometer coastline of Cambodia is not ever an easy mission: there is no fixed route or a specific itinerary for the reference. However, the difficulty is a unique experience for those who are determined to discover to the end on the beautiful and untouched destination.

Yet genuine tourists have to hurry up and promptly discover these islands. It is not true that only experienced travelers recognize the potential beauty here. The development of Cambodia tourism operator and inherent beauty, especially holiday in Cambodia has recently been attracting more and more tourists. If not backpack up and go now, tourists maybe someday will not have the opportunity to explore the absolutely unspoiled natural destination any more.

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