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Cambodia Tourism development over the years

Cambodia Tourism development over the years


Cambodia is one of three Indochina nations having strengths in tourism. The country is well-known for its unique and ancient architectures attracting tourists in all over the world to discover and contemplate. In recent years, tourism of Cambodia is developing faster and appeals more and more tourists on visiting the nation.

Cambodia is considered the land of magical beauty with ancient temples such as Angkor, Bayon. These temples bring the icon of luxury, mightiness, and take the central point among worlds wonders. It is believed that Angkor can be compared with Machu Picchu, Egypt Pyramid, and The Great Wall of China. Contemplating the Cambodia architectures, tourists will admire the unbelievable skillfulness of ancient Khmer people. For these above unique features, Cambodia has gained many achievements in tourism recently.

Independence Monument Vimean Ekareach

According to Cambodia News on Tourism, the statistics of the Cambodia Ministry of Tourism  showed that despite concerns about the context of social security after the 5th parliamentary election, there were 2.42 million foreign visitors coming to the country in the first 7 months of the year, 22 % higher than that at the same period of the previous year. Among tourists coming to this country, the number of tourists from Vietnam ranked first with over 508 thousand turns, followed by Korean, China and Laos with 208,000; 267,000 and 222,000 respectively.

There is 52.9 % of visitors dropping by Siem Reap. This is one of the most famous destinations in Cambodia. It has many well-known ancient temples. While, Phnom Penh- the capital of Cambodia attracts 1.1 million of tourists for its Royal Palace. In addition, many beauty spots near beaches and Preah Vihear Ancient Temple are destinations chosen by travelers. Tourism is one of the main economic sectors of Cambodia. It always gains a steady growth of 15-20 % . it makes major contributions in total gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. In 2012, Cambodia welcomed 3.5 million international visitors, and created 350,000 jobs for people, contributing 12 % of GDP.

In comparison, in 2013 Cambodia welcomed 4.2 million foreign tourists, 18 % higher in comparison to that in 2012. This country and gained a turnover of 2.6 billion USD. And both of the two world heritages of Cambodia- Angkor Wat Temples and Preah Vihear Ancient Temple was still the most favorite destinations of foreign tourists. Besides, Phnom Penh with the Royal Palace, the ruins of the Khmer Rouge regime of genocide and pristine beaches in Kampot, Koh Kong, Preah Sihanouk and Kep are also most chosen beauty spots in Cambodia.

To sum up, as being a developing country, Cambodia is continuously boosting its economic and social sectors to keep up with neighboring countries; especially in tourism field- the strength of this nation.

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