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Cambodia Tourism exploring the most five destinations

Cambodia Tourism exploring the most five destinations


When going on holiday in Cambodia, you are not only attracted by famous places like Angkor Relics, but also gemstones, giant diamonds at the Silver Pagoda. Coming to Cambodia, you also have the opportunity to experience the feeling of swimming offshore.

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Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom are in Siem Reap province. Angkor Wat is also called as De Thien Temple in ancient Vietnamese language; while Angkor Thom is De Thich Temple. Both these two areas are known as De Thien De Thich.Angkor Wat area has circumference of about 6km in and square of 200 ha. Coming here, tourists will witness the highest tower of the main temple with 65m high. Being designed with the main entrance located in the west, Angkor Wat will impress tourists when entering the temple. The image of the huge and massive temple is highlighted by the sun's light. In addition to that feeling, people coming to Angkor Wat is impressed by the carved Apsara statues or floral pattern on most walls.

cambodia angkor wat

When it comes to Angkor Thom, tourists will have chance to contemplate the beauty of Cambodia architecture in the 12th century. The Temple was built in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII. The total square of this area is about 9 km. Angkor Thom was built based on the Bayon style. this style displays through scale, material, and the person's face and image of naga in each tower. Apart from contemplating the spectacular architecture of Angkor Thom, tourists also have the feeling of more lightness and comfort than Angkor Wat.

Cambodia silver pagoda

Visiting Cambodia Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda is an important part of Cambodia Tours. It sounds that tourists have to travel a lot to go to the Golden Temple and Silver Pagoda. But, they are situated in Cambodia Royal Palace, in the city of Phnom Penh. Coming to this place, tourists will have chance to explore the complex of buildings where the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia taking place monarch activities, the protocol and royal ceremonies over a century ago. you will be introduced about King's reading room which organized the solemn event.

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Enjoying your Cambodia holidays, swimming in Sihanoukville Sea is one of your best moments in Cambodia. The sea has mild and relatively calm waves. Therefore, tourists will find peaceful and relaxed time here. In particular, there are not are not rock, crushed coral or seashells on the beaches here. It is the most ideal beach in Cambodia, anyone can visit the beach here at any time. In Sihanoukville, apart from swimming, you can explore Ream National Park Victory Hill, Mountain Sihanouk. Besides, tourists should not miss experiencing a city tour with Golden Lion Monument, Independence Square, Victory monument, and enjoying seafood with the cheapest price.

cambodia tonle sap lake

Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake is the largest lake in Southeast Asia. It greatly affects the country. Visiting this lake makes your trip more meaningful. If you miss dropping by this area you will lost a third of your journey. There are 3 points that you will never forget when coming to Tonle Sap Lake is vastness, fresh delicious shrimp cocktail, and way of living, cultivation of the cells on the Vietnamese people on boat here.

cambodia death field

Visting With the bones scattered on the ground, and panels like "100 graves of infants and mothers", "the biggest grave with 450 mummies", " Tomb of the 166 Headless", "tomb of 87 people lossing hand, foot", etc. you will find the black and breathless atmosphere in this place. Here, you will learn more about the history of Cambodia and the pain that they have suffered.

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