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Cambodia tourism with ten interesting experiences

Cambodia tourism with ten interesting experiences


Cambodia, which is located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula is a country of ancient and mystical temples lured tourists. Along with beautiful country, the people here are so gentle, friendly and hospitable; simultaneously, there are no shortages of many surprising things.


travel by tuk tuk

There is no shadow of any taxi in Cambodia. You could hardly find a taxi, even in the area where is densely foreigners most, Sieam Reap. Vehicle which is usually to be seen is tuk tuk (different from Thailands tuk tuk, tuk tuk in Cambodia is considered a hybrid between tricycles and pedicabs in Vietnam). The average price of tuk tuk is from 1 to 1.5 dollars for transportation each (4 people/car).

English speaking ability of the Cambodian will surprise any tourists who come here at the first time. You will not be afraid to get lost or exchange with anyone you meet. If having any questions, just ask them because they know how to speak foreign languages ​​so early. English and French are considered their the second language.

It is a little anxious when passing ferry. Ferry operations are generally normal; however, all passengers are in their truck, bus or eventually on the roof of the car. No one get out of his car when the ferry is boarded. This actually makes many tourists anxious when they have gone to Cambodia in the first time.


National Museum Cambodia

Museum is extremely gorgeous. Not only famous Angkor Wat, Cambodia museums are invested in a sophisticated and beautiful way. Items are display comfortable and impressively. The average price is not so expensive, about 3 USD/person only.

Spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions...are pretty sold at markets and bus stations (these dishes were already roasted). People here are very pleasure of this dish and advertise that they are very nutritious. Tourists can try anything they want.

The trading and entertainment activities on the Tonlesap River (in front of the Royal Palace) are really epic and crowded. The tourism magazine is given free at hotels, entertainment venues and shopping center, especially periodicals on Angkor Wat of Sieam Reap city. Tourists will find all information about travel places; eventually rent the whole villa for only $ 500/month.

Currency is slightly dynamic. Tourists can just pay in Ria, in dollars, or even Bath (Thais currency).

Many volunteers of non-governmental organizations are living in Cambodia. Many Japanese people live in cheap hotels to do philanthropy. It is easy to see many western volunteers giving flyers to introduce concerts or exhibitions charity.

Working hours of Cambodia is 7 hours per day (from 7:30 to 11:30 am and from 2 pm to 5 pm).

There are so many beautiful temples with unique architecture. Another special thing is that all houses in Siem Reap are not allowed building higher than the height of the Angkor temples.

Cambodia has still hidden so many special and strange beauties. It is actually worth for any tourists to explore and experience this beautiful country. They are hopefully unforgettable memories.


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