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Cambodia tours to explore the impressive culture

Cambodia tours to explore the impressive culture


The culture of Cambodia bears the characteristics of Indian religion, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. Throughout the long history of Cambodia, the religious thought has influenced strongly in all aspects of life both the physical and the mental of the country. On holiday in Cambodia, tourists will have a chance to explore the impressive culture of the country. From the famous and splendid architectures in the world as Angkor complex - the world's cultural heritage to the architecture of houses, schools or from the traditional dances in the festivals to the mothers lullabies, all bear the" flavor of the religion .In addition to the culture imported from India, China, Cambodia also has its own culture.


Monks in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the countries where people have the strongest religious belief in the world. The religion was introduced to Cambodia very soon. Hinduism appeared in Cambodia from the dawn and quickly captured the Cambodian people's beliefs. Until the 17th century, Buddhism was introduced into this country and quickly became Cambodias national religion with over 90% of Cambodians being Buddhists. Since then, Buddhist influences all aspects of life in Cambodia from the moral standards to the behavior between family members.


Angkor Wat

The religion is an indispensable part in the life of Cambodian. Therefore, the religion has the strong influence on the thinking as well as the aesthetics of Cambodia. This is shown very clearly in the architecture of temples, pagodas and other buildings. Among them, Angkor Wat temple complex is the most famous architectural works, especially Angkor Wat. The work was built by materials of stones, soils, branches of trees...reflecting clearly the materialism of Hinduism. Images of smiled faces and the scenes are like in Buddhism. The mixture between 2 Indian religions and traditional religion has created a strange but familiar culture in Cambodia. So, in Cambodia tour, tourists should drop by these works to contemplate and explore their mysterious beauty.

Khmer dance

Apsara dance - Khmer dance

With over 90 percent of Cambodians are Buddhists so there are many festivals in the country. The dances, songs in these festivals also bring the breath and the soul of Buddhism. But the Hindu festival seems more abundant in dances and orchestras like Pin Peat " old orchestra with full instruments mainly made ​​from bamboo, wood ... The ancient dance praises the creator of Hinduism, the royal dance is derived from the character " Apsara " in Hindu mythology... Cambodia has tens of ethnic groups, each group has different dances. They will certainly give tourists the unforgettable artistic cultural performances in Cambodia tours.


Khmer dance

The culture as well as the behavior of Cambodia is dominated by the religious belief. However, there are some points to avoid when coming to the country. For example, you should not touch the head of Cambodian children because this is the sacred place where their parents and Gods can touch. You do not bring money or anything with your left hand because in their customary, the left hand is not clean. At the temple, you should not wear the hat, leave your shoes in the outside and should not touch and stand close to monks as Cambodian people worship the Buddhist absolutely. In addition, Cambodian people are honest and friendly, so you should be not too worried about your Cambodia holidays.

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