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Cambodia Tours to wonderful beaches in Sihanoukville

Cambodia Tours to wonderful beaches in Sihanoukville


Cambodia tourism is rapidly developing. Apart from famous destinations in land, the country is well-known for its wonderful beaches in Sihanoukville beach city. The city is located in the south of Cambodia, with a total area of 868 Tourists coming to thi city are attracted by its wild beauty of beaches with cool blue water, white smooth sand, and primitive jungles. There are many beautiful beaches in this city, such as Victory, Occheuteal and Otres beaches.

Victory Beach

Victory Beach is situated at the bottom of Weather Station Hill near Vietnam-Cambodia Memorial (Victory Memorial). To the north of the beach, there are two famous restaurants, and a resort- Holiday Palace Casino & Resort. In the area of Weather Station Hill (Victory Hill), there are a lot of bars attracting a large number of tourists in all classes. Upper in the hill, there are more hotels, restaurants and bars. This is the place where growth rate of bars and restaurants increases fastest in the city. Besides, on the way from Ekareach to the hilltop there are bars and restaurants open all day. Coming here, you have chances to taste delicious and fresh seafood, as well as different kinds of Asian or European cuisines.

Ochheuteal Beach

If you go on holiday in Cambodia to release your sadness, stress and worries, Ochheuteal is your best choice. The beach is also known as UNTAC beach in early 1990s. It is the most famous beach of Sihanoukville with a lot of restaurants and bars in shape of huts stretching along the beach. Ochheuteal Beach has many amusement and relaxation spots such as beachfront hotels, seafood restaurants, 24- hour bars, and bungalows. The middle part of the Ochheuteal Beach is the most popular beach in Sihanoukville. Golden Sand and Seaside are the two most beautiful hotels in this area; meanwhile, Holiday Hotel is the most favorite old hotel. Also, there are many other hotels and bungalows, such as GST, Susaday, Orchidee hotels, and Bungalow Family Romny with enthusiastic and professional services. That you can sunbathe on the beach, enjoy favorite drinks, or swim in cool seawater would be fantastic experiences in your holiday.

Otres Beach

Cambodia tours to Otres Beach will bring you into the wonderful scene of white smooth sandy beach. The Otres Beach is placed to the south of Occheuteal Beach. Seemingly, beachfront restaurants are famous in every beaches in Cambodia. Yet, each restaurant in each place has its own special features, making tourists have more chances to choose their favorite one. For example, in Star Bar, there are bungalows with wonderful sea view. Or, Otres Nautica provides you with a wide range of water sports equipment such as boats, skates, kayak boat. Meanwhile, bungalows of Queen Hill Resort are located in the hillside with beautiful sea view. Moreover, villages and pagodas in Otres are about 1 km far from the beach. You can travel these places by motorbikes passing Queen Hill Resort.

In short, visiting beaches in Cambodia will give you a chance to have different feelings. It is not adventurous like exploring Angkor Wat Relics, but it brings you sense of refresh and relaxation. That might be one of the most interesting moment of your holiday in Cambodia.

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