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Cambodia travel to explore the beauty of temple country

Cambodia travel to explore the beauty of temple country


If tourists have ever gone to France to admire Eiffel Tower, to Egypt to see pyramid, etc., when coming to Cambodia, they will be enchanted by wonders and unique Khmer culture of this country. Cambodia has not only magnificent Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, but also scenic spots and other architectural works that tourists cannot ignore when coming here.

Royal Palace, Cambodia

In Cambodia tours, tourists will have the chance to contemplate Wat Phnom - the temple is located on a quiet green grassy hill. The temple is the place originating the legendary Phnom Penh and recalling monarch Ponhea Yat (1405-1467). Interestingly, tourists can visit Phnom Penh Royal Palace, the splendid symbol of Cambodia. This is the meeting place of Cambodian National Assembly and the palatial residence of the monarch with magnificent gardens. In addition, the country also has the Silver Pagoda - the pride and a place to store the treasures of Cambodia.

Discover all the wonders of Cambodia, tourists seem just to experience a half of the great feast of Cambodian culture and history. Tourists in Cambodia travel will have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of old orchestra "Pin Peat" with instruments mainly made from bamboo, wood, etc, ancient dances praising the creator of the Hindu or royal dance derived from the character "Apsara" in Hindu mythology. In particular, tourists can hear the indigenous lore tells of the god - Naga, the mighty seven-head dragon god, always residing in the river and guarding the entrance to Phnom Penh.

The mythical tale about the seven-head dragon god will guide tourists to the entertainment complex named after him, as well as leading entertainment complex in Cambodia - NagaWorld. Classic but modern, NagaWorld help tourists fully enjoy the feeling imperial, royal life like kings in ancient time of Cambodia. NagaWorld offers modern and luxurious rooms designed in Khmer style with full amenities. Its spa is designed in the splendid space of ancient Cambodian architecture bringing the purity and optimal balance with beauty treatment from Panha teachings.

According to Cambodia news, NagaWorld also appeals tourists by the unique culinary space. The culinary essence all over the world converged here; from European to Asian dishes make tourists feel like traveling around the world to explore exquisite cuisines. NagaWorld attracts tourists not only by its charming beauty but also endless entertainment space. This is an ideal place to meet friends, participate in parties in a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere, and enjoy live music performances with various styles. Those who love tranquil can also find their own quiet space at NagaWorld.

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