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Cambodia travel to majestic Angkor

Cambodia travel to majestic Angkor


The temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom remain serene, as if they were still largely untouched by human interference. This is one of the most unique characteristics, making majestic Angkor one of the great Indochina attractions. For visitors who want to visit Cambodia, it is clear that Angkor Wat is an indispensable choice.

Cambodia travel to majestic Angkor

The best time to discover Angkor is during dry season between November and April. While the summer brings treacherous tropical rains and burning sunshine, legions of visitors still stand in line waiting to discover Siem Reaps most famous temple compounds: Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat.

At the heart of Angkor compound stands the Bayon, famous for both its scale and its architecture. The compound is home to 54 towers of various sizes, each tower featuring the massive statue of a face carved on each of its four facades. Whether these smiling faces embody deities, demonstrate key Buddhist principles, or represent King Jayavarman VII is still subject to debate. The benevolent and enigmatic faces lend the Bayon a romantic and other worldly atmosphere.

To the East of Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm Temple, a famous site in Cambodia Tourism, is another much-visited site. Ta Prohm was both a Buddhist monastery and a secluded royal place built for King Jayavarman VII ordered that all Buddhist images be destroyed and replaced with Hindu motifs. Therefore, the temples reveal both Buddhist and Hindu influences. Largely untouched since the late 19th century, Ta Prohm remains dotted with massive trees. Great roots wrap around the old temple, threatening to pull them apart.

Khmer architecture reached its peak with the temples of Angkor Wat. Visitors usually come here at the sunset when the suns rays shine directly through the main western hall. Nobody is sure why Angkor Wat faces west while all of the other temples in Angkor face to the east.

It was s dream-come-true when I set foot in this land of ancient temples to discover one part of Cambodia culture and religion. I marveled at the architectural masterpieces of Khmer civilization. Touching stone walls that had stood for millennia, I felt total peace of mind amidst these scared temple towers.

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