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Enjoying Vietnam trip in Bai Tu Long national park

Enjoying Vietnam trip in Bai Tu Long national park


For both domestic and international visitors, Bai Tu Long is a must-be destination in their Halong Bay trip. With fascinating scenery and fresh atmosphere, Bai Tu Long is the ideal place for Vietnam trips

Bai Tu Long Bay

Located about 200 kilometers away from Hanoi, Bai Tu Long national park is one of the Vietnamese national park which cover both terrestrial zone and aquatic zone. This national park is also famous for its diversified ecological system. Currently, it is a home of 672 species of plants and 178 aquatic floral species. This is also the natural habitat of 170 species of animals including 9 species listed in Vietnams Red Book; 119 fish species, 132 invertebrate animal species, and 106 coral species.

Surrounded by gigantic limestone mountains, the national park covers a total area of 15,783 ha with over 20 small islands. Besides diversified ecosystem, the park attracts visitors with its fantastic landscape, pristine beach and beautiful mountains. There are five kinds of ecosystems in Bai Tu Long national park: rain broad leaves forest, shallow water area, limestone forest, littoral forest, and coral area. The rain broad leaves forest is a home of 494 species of animals including endangered species such as leopard cat, Indian civet, Cycas balansae, In the shallow water area, about 539 species are found while the Limestone Forest is the habitat of some rare animals such as Rhesus macaque, serowthe littoral ecosystem is an highly diversified biological system area with 19 species of mangrove, 17 species of seaweed, 149 species of molluscs, 15 species of echinoderms, 29 species of marine worms and 22 species of crustaceans. In Vietnam trip, the Coral area is the place where visitors can explore many kinds of aquatic plants and animals such as sea bass, see weeds, crabs, and shrimps.

Understand the tourism potential of Bai Tu Long, Quang Ninh Province has focused on make this place to become an attractive eco-tourism spot for both domestic and international visitors. For those who love learning about nature and the world of animals, Bai Tu Long national park will be the top option for their trip to Vietnam.

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