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Exploring Laos culinary

Exploring Laos culinary


Lao cuisine is rich and diverse. Once taking Lao tours, visitors will never forget tasty dishes which made from simple and common ingredients such as sour fish soup, insects, larb, etc...Lao dishes feature the combination between special traditional taste and modern taste.

Rice in bamboo tube

Rice in bamboo tube is the typical rice of Lao ethnic minorities. Rice in bamboo tube is made from sticky rice, the staple food of Lao people. Rice is put in to a bamboo tube sealed with banana leaves. Then, the tube is burned. The bamboo sticks for cooking must be fresh, not too young nor too old. Rice in bamboo tube are sweetness and have the flavor of bamboo. This kind of rice is served with grilled forest pork and chicken, but many people love eating it with peanut salt.

rice in bamboo tube


In Laotian, larb means luck. This is the traditional dishes and also the national dish in Laoss festival. Larb is made from animal meat, usually from beef, deer or buffalo. Meat is minced with chopped mint and mixed with lemon juice. Larb is often served with fresh herbs such as basil, coriander, etc

Larb Lao cuisine


Similar to Cambodia and Thailand, Lao people also enjoy dishes made from insects such as crickets, ant eggs, spiders, belostomatids. With the skillful hand and creations, many tasty dishes have been made with different methods from deeply fried, steam to grill. Dishes from insects are rich in protein, attractive and fancy.

insect dishes

Savannakhet grilled chicken

Savannakhet grilled chicken is famous for its appealing aroma. However, visitors do not need to go to Savannakhet to enjoy this dish, because grilled chickens are sold in many places in Vientiane, or Luang Prabang. Chickens are cleaned and clamped in skewers then placed on hot coals until they are cooked.

Savannakhet grilled chicken

Papaya salad

In Laotian, papaya salad is called Hung Tam Maak. The green papaya will be scraped into fiber then mixed with lemon juice, shrimp paste, eggplant, pepper, and chili. Once enjoying this dish, visitors will never forget its special taste with the spicy aroma of sauces.

Papaya salad

If visitors take Laos holidays, they should not miss the chance to explore the unique culinary of Lao people.

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