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Fees for Vietnam Visa on arrival

Fees for Vietnam Visa on arrival


It is undeniable in the fact that getting Vietnam visa on arrival is much more convenient than getting it at Vietnam embassy, or for foreign people, getting Visas for Vietnam entry at the diplomatic missions and overseas Vietnam consulates. Furthermore, the price of Vietnam visa on arrival will be saved at least 20% compared to that at the embassy. Lets clarify this issue!

Fees for Vietnam Visa on arrival

Firstly, you do not have to lose track of time for consulting and seeking for way to Vietnam Embassy. It also means you will save money for consulate fee, time fee as well as transportation fee. Postage fee is unnecessary, too as everything to get Vietnam Visa on arrival is done over the Internet, or your email, in particular.

However, you should remember that whether you pick up the Vietnam Visa at the airport or at the Embassy, there are two kinds of fee for both, namely: service fee and stamping fee.

As regards the first, the service fee will be paid online by US dollars through OnePay Service. This service fee will be used to process your visa approval letter. For example, visa on arrival/code 1 month single costs $21. Corresponding fee for Visa on arrival/code 1 month multiple is $26, for Visa on arrival/code 3 months single is $35, and for Visa on arrival/code 3 months multiple is $40.

If you want to normally process your service fee, it may take you 2-3 working days. In case of urgent, you must pay extra fee (plus 10 USD/pax) to get the service fee processed after 1 working day.

Special discounts to get visa to Vietnam include: 10% for 3-5 Vietnam visa applications, 20% for 6-9 Vietnam visa applications, 40% for10 Vietnam visa applications.

The second fee isstamping fee.You can pay it at Vietnam airport to get your passport stamped. Your approval letter will be the legal evidence to show the airport Officer that you are allowed to legally enter Vietnam, permitted by the Vietnam Immigration Department.This fee may vary from country to country.

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