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Indochina Guide on exploring magical beauty of Cambodia

Indochina Guide on exploring magical beauty of Cambodia


In recent years, visitors are eager to Indochina tours from beaches to jungles. After traveling Vietnam for days, tourists can take time to discover lands to the southwest of Cambodia, with the coastal city of Ville Shihanouk and Bokor plateau. These destinations are considered making the magical beauty of Cambodia in particular and Southeast Asia in general.

Koh Rong Island

Shihanoukville- beach city

First, in the course of exploring Indochina, you will come to the city Shihanouk Ville. The city is named after former Cambodian King- Norodom Shihanouk. It is located along the Thailand Gulf. A special feature of Sihanouk Ville is three sides of the city surrounded by beaches and small islands. Including Sokha Beach which is exploited and used by Vietnamese. Sokha Beach is a quiet place with warm water and beautiful white sand. At the beach there are many exciting activities that you can take part in including swimming, sunbathing, and scuba diving. There are many restaurants on the beach with fresh seafood always attracting to anyone who enjoys eating seafood. Or even, you can try some fun barbecue of locals hawkers such as grilled squid, grilled shrimp.

Mysterious features of Bokor plateau

The next destination in Indochina holidays is a journey full of mystery and strangeness. It's Bokor Mountain, also known as Bokor plateau. Before going to Bokor mountain, you will go through Kampot province where there is a nutritious delicious durian. You will find this kind of fruit in nowhere of Southeast Asia. Bokor mountain's highest peak is 1.081 meter high. The mountain is located in Bokor National Park. At this point you will be surprised by mischievous monkeys always appearing everywhere.

In the 1990s, Bokor was seen as a ghost town since its desolate and mysterious looks. At the beginning of the new millennium, a huge project on building a complex and entertainment resort on this plateau has been deployed. Coming to Bokor plateau, tourists should not ignore Samprov Pram temple to contemplate the five boat-shaped rock, hear legends about the formation of the Khmer people. Also, visiting Jamao stutue- goddess blessing safe trips and visiting the Catholic church built in the early twentieth century are activities should not miss in your tours. Interestingly, after traveling in Vietnam, tourists coming to Bokor plateau have the opportunity to watch a beloved part of Vietnam, the Phu Quoc Island. It is really an amazing experience when you can look back your wonderful trips in Vietnam.

cambodia royal palace

Royal Palace- one of the most beautiful Indochina attractions

During the journey down to the mountain, we go back to Phnom Penh to visit Royal Palace. Coming here you will have chance to find out history of this palace. It was built in 1866 under King Norodom Sihanouk period. In the overall of the architecture here, the king's throne room is especially important. Attaching to this project is a conical tower with a height of 59 meters. In the south of the throne room is the Royal Treasury Department and Napoleon III villa.

To the north of the Royal Palace is a vestige Golden Pagoda, Silver Pagoda built in 1866. It is highlighted with golden Buddha statue weighing 90kg and many smaller gold and silver statues. The name of Silver Pagoda comes from the striking feature. The pagoda was paved by 5329 silver brick with decorative patterns, each brick weighing about 1,125 kg. In the temple, there is a golden Buddha of nearly 2 meters tall and 90 kg weigh.

This journey promises to help visitors experience an eco-tourism venture providing forest- sea - plain Indochina travel guide.

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