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Indochina holiday to Buddha Park Laos

Indochina holiday to Buddha Park Laos


Vientiane is a peaceful and dreaming city located on Mekong River. Vientiane city is quiet and romantic located on the Mekong. In Lao language, Vientiane means "the city of moon" because Lao people said that they "are derived from the Moon". Therefore, on the national flag of Laos has the moon shape in the middle. Visiting Vientiane in Indochina travel, tourist will get an unforgettable impression on a peaceful city with unique scenic spots, especially Buddha park.

Reclining Buddha in the Buddha park

In 1958, a man named Bounlua Suliat chose a location along the Mekong River to create a Buddhist colorful space called Wat Xiengkuane, often known as "Buddha Park". In Noong Khai province, Thailand, this shaman also made the second similar work named Wat khaek or Sala Keoku Buddha Park.

The Buddha Park is famous for countless Buddha statues with various faces and postures made entirely of concrete. In addition to Buddha status, there are many sculptures of holy animals, devils and people carved sophisticatedly. Setting foot in the Buddha Park, tourists will be overwhelmed by a collection of statues that maybe tourists have never seen before. The mix of Hinduism and Buddhism blended with the divine human in the Ramayana epic as Shiva, Visnu, Rama, Sita ...has created both sacred and vivid space.

The statues in Buddha Park reflected the period history in 1950-1960, the period of Indochina War was the most severe. The faces hide so many different emotions shown for a period of history. Somewhere tourists can see the turmoil, different emotions emanating from the appearance of statues. In contrast to the turmoil, austerity, there are also casual, cozy, close faces... That is the huge Buddha statue in the center of the park. About 40 meters long, serene Buddha face with the broad forehead, slightly closed eyes, smiling lips, carefree look like the posture of Buddha when he entered Nirvana over 25 centuries ago.

Buddha Park

In Indochina tours, tourists also cannot miss the great work called Hades cave in the form of giant pumpkins. The entrance is mouth of evil with the height of more than 2m. Opposite to Hades cave, there is a tower symbolizing the paradise at the riverside. The second floor of the tower, tourists can observe the panoramic view of Xieng Khuan Buddha Park. The peaceful scenery in the garden, the mixture among garden, forest, murmuring streams with immense Mekong River; between rustic statue faces and the mysterious, magical charisma of statues make this place more attractive. One thing that tourists are surprised that despite the statues are large, many small details are meticulously sculpted.

Bounlua was a well versed in Hindu and Buddhism philosophy, mythology, symbolism ... Despite not training any school in the visual arts, sculpture, he wanted to convey the images that he saw in his dreams and in the sense of the divine in everyday life. Also for this reason, statues are a justification for the interference for the interference of the cultures in Laos; vividly describe the situation at that time. In addition, stylized stories according to Lao legends under the statues make tourists in Indochina guide feel curious and interesting. Buddha Park makes tourists overwhelm in first moments, but going deeper into the park, tourists feel the closeness and warmth after each step foot on the land of Buddha, while sending wishes and beliefs in the sacred place.

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