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Indochina holidays to discover Royal Palace in Cambodia

Indochina holidays to discover Royal Palace in Cambodia


Cambodia tourism is more and more growing, attracts tourists around the world. The country is famous for the beautiful land, unique architectural works and the special intangible culture. Among them, Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is a must-see destination in Indochina tours. The Royal Palace is a complex of buildings including Stateroom, Phochani Palace and Silver Pagoda...With its ancient and magnificent beauty; the Royal Palace has become one of 13 famous palaces in the world always having the special attraction for tourists.

Inside of Temple at Royal Palace, Cambodia

Located in Phnom Penh capital, the Royal Palace is a complex of buildings which was built over a century ago by Royal Kingdom of Cambodia to serve the dining and living of monarch, his family and foreign visitors. It was also the place to hold the court, the diplomatic protocol and royal ceremonies. The palace was built after King Norodom moved the capital from Oudong to Phnom Penh in the mid 1800s. The palace overlooks to the east and is located on the west bank of Chaktomuk River.

On Indochina holidays, the first place tourists should visit in the Royal Palace is Wat Preah Morakat, also known as Silver Pagoda, is the famous pagoda in Cambodia. The name Silver pagoda appeared by there are 5329 silver pieces paved on the floor. Each silver piece is handmade and has the weight of 1125g. The pagoda is used for storing the religious treasures with more than 1650 valuable items. On the top of the central tower is Buddha statue made from emerald. Front of the emerald statue is Maitreya Buddha statue casted by 90kg gold and mounted 2086 diamonds. In addition, there are many other statues attracting tourists when visiting this place.

The second place tourists cannot miss in their Indochina travel‚Äč is the stateroom. The stateroom overlooks the east and is the most brilliant in the morning. The throne is put solemnly in the middle of the room. The throne was used for the coronation of the kings. Its ceiling has the dome structure with brilliantly designs describing the Reamker legend. It is considered a rather unique painting with drawing and color not fades over time. Currently, the stateroom is used to celebrate the royal ceremonies and the religious coronation, the royal marriage and the reception place.

Chanchhaya stage is also known as the Moonlight stage. This is the place where the royal dances are held, the king stands here to deliver his speech to people. Also, royal events and banquets are organized here. In addition, with Indochina guide, tourists can drop by Hor Samran Phirun and Hor Samrith Phimean to explore the full beauty of the Royal Palace.

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