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Indochina tour to charming Vietnam

Indochina tour to charming Vietnam


Indochina tour nowadays is directed toward Vietnam as an ideal destination to explore. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia. Dynamic cities are increasingly appearing more and more. Facilities for tourism are also gradually invested robustly and become more professional. Tourists to Vietnam will be surprised by the unique beauty of nature along with idyllic and friendly local people. The countryside and beaches in Vietnam are extremely peaceful and tranquil as well. In particular, the street food culture here is one of the most amazing experiences.

Ha Noi

Hoan Kiem Lake in Autumn

Tourists are often to Hanoi first in Indochina tour Vietnam, and then go down to the south. The ancient capital of Vietnam nowadays has become much more crowded with the fast pace of life and the abundant youth energy. Most impressive feeling to tourists is the vibrant street in Hanoi in which hustling cars on the road seem to never stop. Yet tourists will ferret out a particular Hanoi when the night falls down. It is actually a tranquil and ancient Hanoi. Once landing on this destination, tourists had better take a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan night market, set foot in the Hanoi Old Quarter, visit unique museum series, especially Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Hoi An

panorama of Hoi An By Night

Hoi An, the World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam with the quiet and peaceful space. The quiet and quaint beauty of Hoi An is taken inspiration from the multiculturalism of neighboring countries. Beside the leitmotif of Vietnamese architectural and ancient street culture, tourists can admire some particular cultural features of China, Japan and France. Particularly, in Hoi An Old Town, motorcycles are restricted and operated only a few hours in the day, so tourists will actually feel tranquil and comfortable almost the day. Furthermore, Hoi An people personality are always friendly and hospitable. Coming Hoi An, tourists should take a walk to old towns, Cua Dai Beach or immerse on Thu Bon River to admire wonderful landscapes in this beautiful land.

Ho Chi Minh City

City Hall by Night

Indochina tours to Vietnam should not ignore Ho Chi Minh City destination. The Vietnamese consider Ho Chi Minh City as the promised land with a lot of lucky chance smiling those who would like to build a new career. The city owning the building built in the French architecture surely makes tourists a feeling that they are in a certain European countries. Apart from unique architectures, the tree planting arrangement along the roadside and the appearance of small parks in the city ​​bringing a green and pleasant space for this overcrowding city are also very Western designs. In Ho Chi Minh City, tourists as well as the citizen especially love the cafe outside although the weather is extremely erratic. These particular cultures are typical features nowhere can be found but Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the city also offers tours of the night for tourists exploring the night-life of the citizens. They will set their food in exciting cultural lodges of Saigon people, visit night roadside eateries and enjoy a life totally differing from the daytime. This experience is actually enjoyable, safe and comfortable.

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