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Indochina tour to discover Luang Prabang beauty

Indochina tour to discover Luang Prabang beauty


Luang Prabang is considered one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in Indochina tour to Laos. The ancient capital of Laos is located between the solitary mountain and the forest, about 425km far from the northern Vientiane. It is considered the famous tourist destination for its peaceful, natural but magnificent beauty.

Wat Xieng Thong

The first place should not ignore in Indochina package tour to Luang Prabang is Wat Xieng Thong. Wat Xien Thong is the most beautiful and important among 65 big temples in Luang Prabang. The temple was built in 1560 by King Setthathriat. It was located in a beautiful garden on the Mekong river bank where Nam Khan River runs into it. The temple owns the Lao typical architecture with the curved roof extending down the ground. The interior temple is reliefs carved sophisticatedly according to ancient Buddhist texts. The temple has a large campus including a main temple, the Tripitaka library, a tower hanging the drum and a small temple. It is also well-known for unique wall paintings. These paintings describe the story of the Buddha and were created by art of grafting pieces in the Mosaic art.

The next attractive spot in Luang Prabang is Royal Palace Museum. Bearing the modern and exquisite French architecture, the museum is the place keeping Prabang Buddha statue which is considered the national treasure of Laos. The scenery here is beautiful with two rows of towering palm trees leading to the museum, the beautiful royal garden with unusual plants and flowers, the sparkling lake, circling birds At the right of the museum is the majestic bronze statue of King Sisavang Vong, at the left is splendid temple roofs, the veranda floor was paved white marble creating the cool feeling in the mid afternoons sunshine.

Wat Wisunarat is the third attraction tourists should drop by in Indochina tours. This is one of the oldest temples in Luang Prabang on the list of the world cultural heritage. The temple was built in 1513, restored and rebuilt during 2 years 1896 - 1898. Located on the main street named after the temple in the city center, Wat Wisunarat has a large campus, green grass; two sides are adjacent to the street. The front of temple is a majestic Tha Pathum tower with 34.5m high. The simple design with the roof having many decorative details has created the simple and serene beauty for Wat Wisunarat.

Last but not least, Luang Prabang night market is a must see place on Indochina holidays. The night market is located along Sisavang vong Road and opens daily from 5.00pm to 22.00pm. Every evening, the road turns into a walking and shopping street while the market takes place. More than 300 handicraft suppliers sell their hand-made products here every night. In addition, the stalls at the night market show a variety of products from types of textiles, exquisite ceramics, antiques, paintings, coffee, shoes and rare spices. There are interesting items on display at the night market that are hard to find elsewhere, but all they are cheap. Taking a leisurely walk through the night market is an enjoyable experience for tourists during their vacation

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