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Indochina tour to Ho Chi Minh City

Indochina tour to Ho Chi Minh City


Indochina tour for a long time has been an ideal destination to tourists all over the world. Known as a tropical landscape, vibrant and hospitality local people, this land is worth for those who are looking for a pleasant vacation to Asia. Of which, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is one of the most interesting attractions tourists should not ignore. Once going Ho Chi Minh City, tourists will surely get the unforgettable experiences.

French cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City

Bistro 48 Saigon inside

Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam is worth an ideal destination tourists should take a particular look when they explore Indochina. Vietnam culture in general and Ho Chi Minh in particular is strongly influenced by France, especially on food. 48 Bistro in Dist 1 is a typical restaurant - the perfect choice for French cuisine. Going here, tourists will feel like entering a luxury restaurant with French romantic beauty. The quality of food is nothing to say. The French delicious dishes here, such as beef steak with foie gras, rabbit stew with red wine, or grilled lamb chopshave a reasonable price. Additionally, desserts which include chocolate mousse cake or French wines are actually unforgettable taste.

Instant noodle and pho

Known as dishes which are famous all over the world, instant noodle and pho are probably not need much introduction. Unlike in Hanoi, most instant noodles or pho in Saigon comes with vegetables like mint, bean sprouts, and chopped peppers. This combination is so delicious.

Going along streets, eating the bread

When mentioning to popular dish in Vietnam, people often think of Pho. Yet, another dish, bread is not less in this rank. Walk on the streets and munching bread here really brings a feeling which is hard to describe. Like all the local dishes in Vietnam, bread is a dish which its price is really economical.

Enjoy coffee

enjoy coffee in Ho Chi Minh

Filter coffee has ever remained a symbol of Vietnam's coffee, and coffee in Ho Chi Minh City is not an exception. Coming here, you can absolutely find this great drink at any stalls in the street. It is home to famous coffee brand, namely Vietnam's Trung Nguyen, Highland Coffee, even L'usine independent coffee.

Visiting the Cu Chi attraction

The system of Cu Chi Tunnels has been chosen as one of twelve Top Underground Tourist Attractions in the world. They were used by the Viet Cong during large parts of the Vietnam War as living quarters, hospitals, supply routes and storage areas - even a tank was found in one of the tunnels. The system was dug deep underground which nowadays has become a favorite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists who come to experience the life of people living underground in wartime.

Boating on Mekong River

Depending on the Indochina tour packages, tourists have a chance to visit the floating market where locals purchase their local products like watermelon, banana...or you can also directly boating through the nearby canals. With any kind of the trips, visitors will end their boating at a restaurant where the tour guide will introduce the specialties of the Mekong River Delta.

In addition, there are many other tourist destinations in Saigon, namely Saigon Notre Dame Basilica, Central Post Office...which tourists should not ignore if setting their foot in Saigon. The impression is actually unforgettable.


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