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Indochina tours to explore Lan Ha bay in Vietnam

Indochina tours to explore Lan Ha bay in Vietnam


In Indochina tours, visitors will have a chance to contemplate and discover beautiful destinations in Vietnam, one of three Indochina countries. Among them, Lan Ha Bay is a must see attraction of visitors in their tour. The bay is located in the south of Ha Long Bay and the east of Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong with a total area of 7000ha. Lan Ha Bay attracts visitors even when they have never once put their foot in this bay by lightly refined name Lan Ha. Its name reminds of an orchid descending into the earth. The fragile and charming beauty of its name has piqued the curiosity of visitors.

Floating Fishing Village in Lan Ha Bay

It only takes 30 minutes by boat from Cat Ba Island to Lan Ha bay. Coming here, visitors will be enchanted by the exotic beauty of green trees and vegetation. Along with the crystal clear water sea, the bay looks like a sparkling green jewel between the sky and the sea of the Northeast.

Arriving here on Indochina holidays, apart from the beautiful and pretty unspoiled beaches, Lan Ha Bay also appeals visitors by the spectacular limestone mountains above the sea. The tourist boats will take visitors to experience the beauty of the bay when going through the limestone mountains with different natural shapes.

With Indochina guide, if visitors do not want to travel by tourist boat, they can sail colorful Kayaks to explore the bay. Discovering the bay on the kayak will bring a new experience that is hard to find when going by tourist boats. Wriggling through the small islands and caves, the kayak will take you to the foot of the mountain rock. Here visitors can contemplate the vivid scenery of the sea world under the clear and blue water with their own eyes.

Coming to Lan Ha in summer, visitors can feel the brilliant beauty of the blue sea, the white sand and the golden sunshine. While traveling here in February and March, this bay seems to dress up the strange beauty. The cold weather and mild spring rains will give for Lan Ha a floating beauty in the mist. This will make visitors surprised as if they are lost in the paradise with hidden limestone mountains. Indeed, the nature has spent plenty of the incentive for this place to create a gentle, lively and brilliant beauty.

In addition, Lan Ha bay has a 100-year-old fishing village with hundreds of families living by the fishing and the aquaculture to serve the needs of tourists. It will be not complete if in Indochina package tours tourists do not try to become a real fisherman with daily activities such as casting the net, drawing up the net, fishing squids.Surely, with the gentle sea atmosphere, fresh seafood along with liberal and friendly people, Lan Ha will make the big impression on tourists in their Vietnam holiday.

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