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Indochina tours to explore Lao cuisine

Indochina tours to explore Lao cuisine


Indochina is a peninsula including three countries Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In Indochina tour packages, tourists can not only contemplate and explore famous destinations in these countries but also have a chance to enjoy their diverse cuisine. Tourists once setting foot in Laos will be impressed by specialties here such as Com Lam or bamboo tube rice in other name, barbecue, larb dish and insect dishes.

Bamboo Tube Rice

Bamboo tube rice

Bamboo tube rice is the typical rice of Lao and some Laotian ethnic minorities living in the Northwest of country. The rice is cooked from the rice the food is highly appreciated by Lao, especially the glutinous rice. Taking the rice and putting in a bamboo tube having an open end, then sealing by banana leaves and burning.

The bamboo tube used to cook bamboo tube rice is fresh, not too young nor too old to when cooked; the rice will blend a little sweetness and the flavor characteristic of the bamboo. The dish is usually served with chicken meat or roasted pork. However, the dish is the most delicious when eating with the sesame and salt. This is the dish attracting tourists in Indochina travel to Laos.



Lao people are especially like to eat barbecue. All food that can be cooked by frying, they are used from meat and fish to vegetables and whole spices. Bamboo tube rice is also a dish prepared by this method. With Indochina guide, tourists will have a chance to explore ways to cook the grilled dished of Lao people. For example, the food can be taken directly to the fire or buried in the hot coals or roasted by the oven or electric skillet. However, Lao people still prefer grilled food on bamboo sticks to create delicious flavors and typical colors of the country.

Larb dish

Larb Lao Cuisine

Larb in Laos means the good luck. This is a traditional dish in the festival of Laos and also their closest national dish. The dish is made from the meat of animals as beef, deer or buffalo and fish. The meat is minced with mint vegetables and the lemon juice. This dish does not use the sugar, so it only has the hot and sour taste. It is often used with vegetables as basil and coriander. Lap is a feast dish, often served during special occasions or for the honor guests.

Insect dishes

Insect Dishes

Like Cambodia and Thailand, the Lao also enjoying the dishes are made from insects as rice crickets, ant eggs, spiders. Belostomatids are beneficial insects living in the Cambodian rice fields. They are import with very expensive imported insects are most popular with spicy flavor. The dishes made from insects are rich protein, they is processed diversely and attractively like their own taste. So on Indochina holidays to Laos, tourists should enjoy these dishes.

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