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Indochina tours to Fansipan Mountain

Indochina tours to Fansipan Mountain


You are a risk - taker, you are nurturing an ambition of conquering adventures, challenges and difficulties. Here, Fasipan Mountain is an ideal choice for you. Fansipan is the tallest mountain in Indochina. Therefore, those who attain its 3,143 meter summit are rewarded with a view over a fine and tranquil landscape.

Indochina tours to Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan Mountain is located approximately 9km south-west of Sapa Townlet in the Hoang Lien Mountain Range. Known as "the Roof of Indochina" at the height of 3,143m, Fansipan is evaluated as one of the very few eco-tourist spots of Vietnam and a perfect destination of Indochina travel, an attractive mountain for adventurers as well as tourists nationwide and worldwide.

Fansipan Mountain has not only spectacular beauty but also diversified biology with about 2,024 floral varieties and 327 faunal species. The topography of Fansipan and weather characteristics is varied depending on different heights. Muong Hoa Valley, at the lowest altitude (950-1,000m), is created by a narrow strip of land at the base on the east side of the mountain. Researchers as well as geologists say the Hoang Lien Mountain Range, together with Fansipan as its highest peak, did not emerge in the mountainous North West of Vietnam until the Neozoic period about 100 million years ago.

Fansipan has its name meaning the tottery giant rock. The French came to Vietnam and in 1905 planted a landmark telling Fansipans height of 3,143m and branded it the Roof of Indochina. Because of its great height, very few people climbed to the top of Fansipan at the time. However, nowadays, it is an attraction for travelers and a new challenge to conquer, especially for the youngsters.

As usual, foreign tourists, especially who on Indochina tours, like best to book a Fansipan tour between October and December. The reason is that the period is free from the heavy rains that obstruct the jaunt. By contrast, the Vietnamese prefer their tours to the peak of the mountain from February to April, as it is not so cold and they could see snow there. However, according to locals and a lot of experts, the best time for booking Fansipan tours and travelling to the mountain is from the end of February to the start of March, when the flowers all flourish and the climbers may behold the carpets of brilliant blossoms, violets and orchids, and rhododendrons.

Sunset at Fansipan Mountain is also unforgettable. The sight of the sun rolling behind the horizon is majestic, while strong winds make hikers stagger like a drunkard. Everything could make travelers feel like they are flying in a wonderful area.

For Indochina travelers, a tour Sapa - Fansipan takes about 3 days. So that mountain climbers have to prepare good health before the trip. You should bring: rain - coat, hiking shoes, sweet candy and sleeping bag as they are essential items for a mountain-climbing journey.

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