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Indochina tours to Vietnam Laos and Cambodia

Indochina tours to Vietnam Laos and Cambodia


A tour to three countries in Indochina including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is an attractive journey for tourists because of many famous places on such a long way. Here are recommended Indochina tours though three countries in Indochina, departing from Vietnam.

Angkor Wat Indochina tour

If you depart from Kon Tum (Vietnam) in the morning, through Bo Y border gate, there are ways to provinces Attapeu, Se Kong, Champasak in Laos and in the afternoon you can reach Pak S. Pak S is a city with population of 300,000 and international airports connecting Laos with many other cities in the world. The way from Attapeu to Pak S is qualified enough for bus to run on speed of over 100 km/hour. Scenes on two sides are beautiful, especially the way to Boloven highlands. Climate is cool, trees and plants are gross green.

Pak S is the metropolis city on the Mekong River shore of Laos. In this city, tourists can explore local life through architecture. The highlight of Pak S is the 1,000 room Palace of Laos Kings in the past. The palace is now exploited as a hotel. In the afternoon in Pak S, tourists can visit temples and stroll on boulevard along the river or go shopping at local market.

Located 50 kilometers to the South of Pak S, Champasak, Wat Phou-di is a world cultural heritage site recognized by UNESCO in 2001. Here, you can contemplate majestic structures built in IX century, which bears characteristic of Hinduism and Buddhism. Going 100 kilometers more, tourists can stop to visit Khon Phapeng, the largest waterfall in Indochina.

Going down to the South to Stung Treng (Cambodia) then turning to Siem Reap City, where the world heritage site Angkor is placed. The complex of Angkor includes Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat and many other temples and pagodas in the area of 250 square kilometers. These are one of the best attractions for tourists visiting Cambodia. In the afternoon, you can walk to Bakheng hill to see sunset. Here you can also enjoy boating around Tonle Sap the world biosphere reserve area. About 250 kilometers fromm Siem Reap is Phnom Penh capital city of Cambodia Kingdom. After visiting Phnom Penh, tourists will come back to Vietnam through Moc Bai harbor, Tay Ninh on the next day.

If you dont like this itinerary, you can have another journey departing from Hue, Hoi An or My Son Sanctuary. From there you will go to Savanakhet, Laos in the afternoon of the same day. The next day, you can go to Mukdahan, Ubon (Thailand) then go down to the South, through Poipet harbor to Siem Reap.

If departing from Gia Lai, you can go to Cambodia from Le Thanh International harbor, to Rattanakiri then Stung Treng. On next day, you can visit Laos through Veunkham harbor. Then go to the North to visit tourist sites in Vientiane like That Luang, Patuxay. After that, you can go to Luang Prabang and come back to Vietnam through Lai Chau.

These Indochina tours last about 5 days and the cost is not expensive. Many tour operators in Vietnam now opening Indochina package tours through three countries in Indochia. It is definitely an interesting and convenient room to explore most of the famous sightseeing in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

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