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Indochina travel guide to most charming attractions in Vietnam

Indochina travel guide to most charming attractions in Vietnam


Indochina is emerging as a powerful potential destination on the world travelling map. Among them, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries. The dynamic and hustling cities are increasingly appearing more and more. Facilities for tourism are also significantly invested and become more professional. Tourists to Vietnam will be surprised by the ordinary, friendly and warm citizens. Coming to Vietnam, tourists should once set foot in one of the most following beautiful cities.


Halong Bay

Halong Bay Panorama

Halong Bay, a World Heritage Site was recognized by UNESCO is one of the most wonderful natural landscapes in Vietnam in particular, and in Indochina tours in general. Halong scenery is characterized with the thousands of large and small limestone mountains rising out of the water. The bay also attracts hundreds of tourists arrivals daily. More particular, the kind of boats or yachts chosen will decide the experience of tourists on Halong. Tourists can comfortable explore Halong in a simple wooden boat, a 5 star cruise or eventually in a kayak...They are actually interesting experiences. Apart from visiting famous sites, tourists should take a look on the cultured pearl area and explore Halong floating market.


Hoi An

panorama of Hoi An By Night

Hoi An, the World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam with the quiet and peaceful space. The quiet and quaint beauty of Hoi An is taken inspiration from the multiculturalism of neighboring countries. Beside the leitmotif of Vietnamese architectural and ancient street culture, tourists can admire particular cultural features of China, Japan and France. These characteristics are seldom seen in any other countries of Indochina tourism. Particularly, in Hoi An, motorcycles are restricted and operated only a few hours in the day, so tourists visiting Hoi An will actually feel tranquil and comfortable almost the day. Furthermore, Hoi An people personality is always friendly and hospitable. Coming Hoi An, tourists should take a walk to Hoi An Old Town, Cua Dai Beach or immerse on Thu Bon River to admire wonderful landscapes in this beautiful land.


Nha Trang

beautiful beachside of Nha Trang city by night

Nha Trang is considered a paradise for backpack tourists with affordable hotels, bars, shops and restaurants. The pace of life here is actually pleasant and comfortable. Nha Trang scenes are also fascinating with impressive beaches.


Mekong Delta

Boat on Mekong River Delta

Mekong Delta will actually offer a quiet and peaceful experience of water tourism. Taking part in Mekong Delta tour, tourists will have a chance to explore 2-side banks of the river to discover floating markets and the life of real fishermen. Then the journey will bring them to explore the idyllic villages but extremely tranquil and romantic. Tourists will actually enjoy unforgettable experiences when trying to go through the monkey bridges, sitting under the spreading palm trees and enjoying sweet drinks from cool fresh coconuts. Particularly, travelling to Mekong Delta, tourists can easily apply for a boarding house of the local to get enjoyable experiences. Mekong Delta is worth a potential tourist destination in Indochina package tours.


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