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Interesting Indochina tours with Cambodia royal palace

Interesting Indochina tours with Cambodia royal palace


Once taking Indochina tours in Cambodia, visitors should not miss the chance to visit the royal palace, one of the most 13 famous palaces in the world. This magnificent site always has special attraction to both domestic and international visitors.

Cambodian Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is a complex of buildings which was built over a century ago to serve royal ceremonies, the dining and living Cambodian monarch family, foreign visitors, etc

The full name of Cambodia royal palace in Khmer is Preah Barom Reachea Vaeng Chaktomuk. The palace was built after King Norodom started moving the capital from Phnom Penh to Oudong.

Going near the Royal Palace, visitors will see a high wall with sculpted motifs and sophisticated patterns. The palaces in the Royal Palace complex are decorated beautifully and surrounded by green tropical gardens.

golden palace and silver pagoda

Silver pagoda

Taking an Indochina travel to Royal Palace complex, visitors should spend time on visiting Silver pagoda. Palaces and Silver Pagoda is a combination of many different beautiful structures with gardens and they are recognized as the symbol of Cambodia.

Chanchhaya stage

Chanchhaya theater stage was called the Moonlight stage. The stage is where the royal dances are performed, and this is also a place for the king to have speech and for great royal banquets. In 2004, King Norodom Sihamoni 's Day, the stage was used to organize big party to celebrate the new monarch 's coronation .

Hor Samran Phirun

Hor Samran Phirun (peace palace) is a place for the King to rest and relax. Built in 1917, this palace is a place where the king waited for the elephant. This is also a place to store royal musical instruments and performance tools. Today, Hor Samran Phirun is used to display mementos of foreign leaders.

Hor Samrith Phimean

In Indochina holidays visitors should not miss Hor Samrith Phimean. Hor Samrith Phimean (copper palace) built in 1917 is the storage of costumes and royal symbol of Cambodia. Today the first floor of the palace is used to show costumes and royal symbols.

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