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Interesting Vietnam trips in Mui Ne

Interesting Vietnam trips in Mui Ne


Mui Ne in Binh Thuan is one of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia with blue sea and vast sandy hills. It also a paradise of luxury resorts which are suitable for Vietnam trips. Located 22 km to the east of Phan Thiet City, Mui Ne has become an attractive tourist destination with white sand dunes and coconut trees along the coast.

Mui Ne beach

With sunny weather, sand dunes will be the first destination when visitors arrive in Mui Ne. The best time for visit wonderful sand dunes is morning, from 7 to 8 A.M when the temperature is only between 35 to 27C. At this time, the sand dunes are not heated by the sun so visitors can have a comfortable walk by barefoot to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Mui Ne. Visitors can also rent Zips car to explore the sand dunes to have different experiences when they travel to Vietnam.

The stretching white sand dune of Mui Ne is a famous scenic spot which has become an icon representing Binh Thuan. Sunshine, cool breezes carrying salty taste of the sea, white and gold sand dunes make the pristine and glamorous beauty of Mui Ne. Mui Ne is not only famous for its white sand dunes but also impresses visitors by coconut trees stretching along the coast. This creates a romantic view for Mui Ne. Visitors will love sitting under the cool green coconut trees to enjoy fresh sea breezes blowing. Here, visitors can spend time walking to buy lovely local products, traditional crafts from coconut and sea shells for their friend and families.

For those who love sea sports such as windsurfing, sailing or parasailing, Mui Ne is the ideal place for them. Currently, there is no direct flight to Mui Ne, so visitors can fly to Ho Chi Minh City or Cam Ranh, then go to here by car. At the end of March or the beginning of April, when the weather gets warmer, it is the best time for visitors to have a Vietnam travel to Mui Ne to enjoy beautiful scenery here.

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