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Kuang Si – Beautiful natural waterfall in Laos

Kuang Si – Beautiful natural waterfall in Laos


Going 29 km to the South of ancient city Luang Prabang, tourists can see one of the most attractive places in Laos as well as beautiful natural pools on earth. Lied among gloomy old forests, Kuang Si waterfall is a complex of many waterfalls in various size and alluring natural reservoirs in the eco-park along Mekong River.

Kuang Si waterfall (or Khuang Xi, Tat Kuang Si) is a composite of three waterfalls. The scene of dazzling white spume of water pouring down from the highest waterfall is impressive scenery in the jungle. Flow from higher cataract has formed Kuang Si waterfall. Then water from Kuang Si structures steps of smaller falls, which look like terraced fields. Stagnant water gradually becomes special natural reservoirs. Every year, streams of upper water supply an abundant source of seaweeds. These weeds change the color of water into such a captivating blue jewel.

On the two sides of winding road leading to Kuang Si waterfall, there bloom many kinds of colorful wild flowers mixing green young grass. Light perfume from wild orchids likes a warm welcome to tourists. Cultural villages and hamlets of Thin Keo, Thinsom, Ou, Muang Khay, Thapene lie thinly along the road. Specially, there is a reserve area for Asian black bears right at the entrance of Kuang Si ecological park. Black bears and other species of endangered bears are reared in semi-wild nature. What impresses visitors most is the awareness and friendliness of local people through thoughtful attitude and hospitality.

Kuang Si – Beautiful natural waterfall in Laos

The Tat Kuang Si waterfall area possesses vigorously attractive beauty especially under the severely hot climate in Laos. Tourists come to Kuang Si waterfall not only to see the landscape but also to be free to climb, shower and pool bath. In the fresh air of Kuang Si ecological area, visitors can hear natural harmony of birdsongs and impetuous sound of cascade, which can lift the spirit of everyone. The color of water inKuang Si Lake looks glamorous like the color of emerald. Because of the flow structure, each cascade forms a natural pool with white mud at the bottom so that tourists can easily move and soak for hours without hesitation. At the waterfall side, large trunks jut out over the water surface. Some active tourists take advantage of these trunks and enjoy elated springboard just by fastening a rope around their hips. Many foreign visitors are excited to climb up the trunk and perform jumping in front of the tumultuous applause of barely-known people. Uproarious atmosphere dispels the tranquility of the jungle. At the foot of large waterfalls or on the bank of small ones, there is space for tourists to stop over. Tables and chairs made of wood or stone are arranged in harmony with the landscape. The area looks more romantic with wooden bridges crossing rivulets.

Tat Kuang Si has long been known for the charms of nature in the country of elephants. Tourists taking Luang Prabang tours cannot miss the chance to visit Khuang Xi and immerse in the cool water of the fall for once. As a sightseeing which is planned between a natural park and tropical forest, Tat Kuang Si with basic advantages of waterfalls, lakes especially those are recognized as most beautiful natural reservoirs in the world will contribute to develop tourism in Luang Prabang and Laos tourism.

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