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Vang Vieng – an attractive destination for Laos Holidays

Vang Vieng – an attractive destination for Laos Holidays


Vang Vieng is one of the famous and attractive ecotourism areas in Laos. About 150 km to the North of Vientiane, this area is located along the Nam Song River. Has been developing since 1980s, Vang Vieng is currently an interesting destination in Laos tours for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Vang Vieng has a lot of potentials and advantages to become a major tourist area such as unaffected beauty, river, mountains, caves and many relics from the wars. Especially, the runway in the old airport that was used by American Air Force in Indochina war is still remained. The runway in parallel with the road leading to the town center, becomes an attractive spot for many foreign tourists.

Visitors coming to Vang Vieng usually stay a week, or even a month to enjoy beautiful landscape as well as ideal environment here. Tourists can go exploring the most famous cave in the area called Phou Kham. Go inside the cave, travelers will be attracted by the cool and fresh atmosphere thanks to a stream flowing all the year. The cave also impresses tourists by the magical beauty of stalactites in various shapes. Besides the cave, Keng Yui waterfall is another outstanding spot in the grandiose picture of the nature in Vang Vieng that will definitely makes you surprised.

Vang Vieng – an attractive destination for Laos Holidays

On travel to Laos and visit to Vang Vieng, tourists will have interesting new experience with the service of buoy-floating on the river or kayaking. Adventurous visitors can enjoy springboard or swing on a string and then jump into the water of Nam Song River. To explore the nature of the mountainous area, tourists can take a bicycle to go around and see every corner in Vang Vieng. That will absolutely be unforgettable memory in your Laos holidays.

Vang Vieng market is diversified with many products of brocade, souvenirs made from forest wood to fresh food of the area like or stag and dear meat. Once visiting Laos, tourists cannot miss typical dishes in Laos cuisine such as grilled food, sticky rice from terrace fields.

In Vang Vieng, tourists will take part in a lot of entertainment activities even at night because tourism serices here are quite developing. The accommodation is up to your interest. You can choose or hire straw-roofed tent to enjoy the plain life in the countryside and be closer to the nature instead of staying in modern hotel rooms.

Vang Vieng is an important tourist area in the ecotourism system in Laos. This spot is near Vientiane Laos capital and connect to ancient city Luang Prabang by national road number 13.

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