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Laos tour things to do

Laos tour things to do


Going to Laos tour is going a Buddhist country, where the quantity of temples is still most crowded in the world with a total of 1,400; and 90% of Lao population are Buddhists. Laos tourism gradually becomes one of the most attractive destinations in Indochina. Once setting foot in this charming land, tourists should take some looks to following beautiful landscapes.



Pha That Luang

Taking part in any Laos tours, tourists should not ignore this destination. Vientiane is the capital of Laos, and also the only place owns: the Mosque, bowling entertainment center, church and nightclub in Laos. This destination is well-known with famous attractions, namely Pha That Luang, Wat Simuang (Mother Temple - where the monks often celebrate on-wrist clew wearing ceremony blessing the local people), Sisaket Temple (museum of thousands of Buddha statues in diverse shape and materials), Buddha Garden, Patuxay Victory Gate, Black Stupa and morning market, a shopping spot should not be overlooked here.


Ancient Khmer Heritage

a corner of Wat Phu Palace

Tourists loving the Secret of Ancient Tomb movie or Indiana Jones adventurous movie series will definitely enjoy Champasak province to visit the ruins of ancient Khmer temples. Populations of temples, Wat Phu Palace is smaller than Angkor Wat but quite deserted creating the mysterious and tranquil beauty. The works has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.


Luang Prabang ancient capital

luang prabang wat xieng thong

In the variety of Laos destinations, LuangPrabang tours are worth to spend time and money most to experience. Here, tourists comfortably visit the system magnificent temples of the ancient capital such as Wat Xieng Thong, Wat Visunarath, Wat Mai, Wat Aham, Wat Sene...and Phat Tich Temple of the Vietnamese built on the banks of Mekong River.


Vieng Xai Caves

Panoramic Caves in Vieng Xai

Massive cave system is one of the the most important historical sites in Laos. During the war, more than 20,000 people shelter here to avoid the bombs. They built a full system of hospitals, markets and theaters right inside this caves.


Xieng Khouang

Plain of Jars

Xieng Khoang owns Plain of Jars cultural heritage which is well-known over the world. It deserves to be the second destination to conquer the land of temples in any Laos tour packages. After visiting this place, if having some free time, tourists should take a visit to Ang Village, Lat Sen and Sua Village to explore and learn about the culture and daily life of the country.


Kayaking in Si Phan Don

Kayaking in Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don, also known as the Land of 4,000 Islands is one of the most ideal destinations to participate in kayaking. Tourists are comfortable to boat on the calm water surface, stopping on Mekong River to sightseeing stunning natural landscapes and the beautiful villages beside the River.


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