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 Laos tour to discover Vientiane capital

Laos tour to discover Vientiane capital


Laos is a mountainous and landlocked country in Southeast Asia. In Laos tour, tourists will be attracted by solemn temples, stunning waterfalls, Buddha statues, and the friendly smile of people. Especially, Vientiane the capital of Laos with unique historical relics attracts more and more tourists coming here. When traveling to Vientiane, tourists cannot miss the unique attractions here. 

Patuxai, Vientiane, Laos

The first attraction in Vientiane is Patuxai Triumphal Arch, formerly known as Anou  Savary (anonymous solider monument). The Triumphal Arch is located between the boundaries of Vientiane and That Luang. It was built in 1958, its bottom and outside was modeled on Arc de Triumphe in Paris. However, the above and inside of the triumphal arch consists of typical architectures and special reliefs of Laos. From Pataxai, tourists can contemplate the town hall, Pha That Luang (the world’s cultural heritage, the national symbol of Laos) or the biggest market in Vientiane. This is an ideal place to capture nice pictures in tour Laos.

The second attraction tourists should drop by on Laos holiday is Buddha Park. The park is located in Xeng Khuan, about 25km away from Vientiane to the southeast. Traveling here, tourists will be enchanted by the peaceful scenery. On the right is the garden, the forest and the murmuring spring and on the left is the immense Mekong River. Buddha Park consists of more than 200 Buddha statues and Hindu characters made of concrete. Of which, the giant Buddha statues propping up his hand with a length of 40m is the most prominent.  In addition, there are the statues in the image of humans, gods, animals and demons. Tourists can go inside of the work with giant pumpkin- shaped through a demon mouth nearly 3m high and climb on the stair to visit each floor representing for the hell, the earth and the heaven.

In Laos tour packages, tourists should not ignore Wat Phra Keo in Vientiane. The Wat is also known as the “emerald Buddha temple” in Vientiane. Previously, the temple was use for worshiping of Royal family. So the temple also named Royal temple and there are lots of rare items stored here, especially the jade Buddha statue. Visiting the temple, tourists seem to get lost in the art world by carvings and rare artifacts. All they are inlaid with gold, silver and jade. The temple also stores some wooden sculptures relating to Buddhism. This is rare documents and considered as the Laos’ treasury. In Vientiane Wat Phra Keo is the second important and famous temple after Wat That Luang.

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