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Laos tour to Pha That Luang

Laos tour to Pha That Luang


Situated on the high, wide and flat land in the eastern Vientiane, Pha That Luang is the largest and most beautiful temple in Laos. It is also a symbolic culture representing the creativity of Laos. The temple was built in the 16th century when the Kingdom of Lane Xang (Million Elephants) moved the capital from Luong Phrabang to Vientiane. In Laos tour, tourists will have a chance to contemplate the temple and participate in That Luang festival taken place here.

Pha That Luang at night

That Luong or Pha That Luang (Grand Stupa in Lao language) is a large Buddhist Stupa in Vientiane, Laos.  The stupa was built in 1566 under the reign of King Saysetthathirath, on the ruin of a 13th century Indian temple. Outside the stupa was inlaid with gold. According to the legend, Pha That Luang is one of the few Buddhist temples in the world stored the relic of Gautama Buddha when he attained the nirvana. The stupa bearing the Lao culture and identity has become a symbol of Laos and is printed on paper money and the emblem of Laos.

That Luang was destroyed in the Siamese invasion in the 19th century. Till the 30s of the 20th century, the temple was rebuilt by French according to the original architecture with the height of 45m. The statue in front of the temple is the king Saysetthathirath, who built the first tower. In the old days, the four sides of That Luang were surrounded by temples but currently there are only Wat Luang and Wat Luang Tai.

That Luang festival

Each floor of this three-storey architecture reflects a part of the Buddha's teachings. The first floor has the length of 226 feet and the width of 223 feet, the second floor is 157 feet long on each side, and the third floor is 98 feet long. From the ground up to the top of the tower has a height of 147.6 feet. The walls around the monastery have the length nearly 279 feet on each side with a large number of Laos and Khmer sculptures.

Under the blazing sun, from a distance, the whole Pha That Luang emerges as a bright yellow tower. The architectural pyramid style with the blooming lotus pedals reminds the lotus that Buddha situated in the ​​Buddhist mysticism. In Laos tour package, tourists can participate in That Luang festival, the big national festival of Laos. The festival often takes place in mid- November every year. That Luang festival is considered as the scared festival attracting more and more tourists all over the world.

Apart from the religious ceremony, on Laos holiday, tourists have the opportunity to participate in the trade fair that exhibits and purchases products from the agriculture, the industry, the handicraft all over the country and neighbors. Especially tourists to Bun That Luang festival will be fascinated by “Ti Khi”- a folk game in the festival in the presence of Government official. Joining in the game will give an unforgettable experience for tourists in their travel.

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