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Luxury Vietnam hotel with The Imperial hotel in Vung Tau

Luxury Vietnam hotel with The Imperial hotel in Vung Tau


Located about 150km from the Back Beach, The Imperial hotel Vung Tau is an ideal place for summer days with beautiful beaches. Once taking a rest at this Vietnam resort, visitors will have truly interesting experiences.

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The hotel has seven floors with 144 rooms built in Renaissance style with private balconies overlooking the sea, the pool or the city. The name of rooms are named after famous palaces in the west and decorated with natural material such as white marble, bronze, wood, glass or ceramic. Known as one of the best hotels in Vietnam, the hotel is featured with more than 3000 paintings telling tales of the west. The bed rooms are designed meticulously to bring you good sleep

The Grand Suites cover 4 rooms with an area of 57 to 103 m2. The rooms are featured with large window to maximize the light in the rooms, one large double bed or two single beds. Victorian Room Suites are painted with noble blue and golden color. The rooms covers separate bedroom and living room with sofa and a terrace. From the rooms window, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Vung Tau Bay. The Terrace Suites with an area from 37 to 5 m2 are equipped with sofa, spacious terrace. The Grand Suites with an area of 44 to 72m2 are an ideal places for relaxing in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. The ceiling of the room designed in French architectural style is associated with the terrace and ocean view. Division Duplex Suites with an area of 57 to 103 m2 are suitable for those love comfortable and romantic atmosphere. Each room includes a king-sized bed or medium bed. Imperial Suites are the most luxurious rooms at all. They are designed in luxurious, elegant and antique style. They have separate living rooms, dining areas, balconies to welcome sea breezes, small garden beside house. The swimming pool and royal garden are the highlights of the Imperial Hotel. The pool surrounded by green grass will be the best place for hot summer days.

Once taking a rest at Imperial Hotel, one of the best Vietnam hotels, you will be offered wonderful summer vacations with friends and families.

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