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Mekong cruise to the temple of literature in Vinh Long

Mekong cruise to the temple of literature in Vinh Long


Vinh Long province is the center and a miniature image of Mekong Delta by the diversity and richness of the land located between 2 large rivers Tien Giang and Hau Giang. Recently, Vinh Long is becoming one of tourist destinations in Mekong delta Vietnam with many famous beauty spots. Among them, the temple of literature is must-see attractions for tourists once setting foot in this city.

Temple of litarature in Vinh Long

The temple of literature is one of attractive spots of Vinh Long in Mekong river delta. The temple is one of three confusion temples of literature constructed in the southern Vietnam in the 19th century. Located on a large land, on the Long Ho river bank, the temple was built in 1864 and completed by the end of 1866. This temple was built according to the initiative of Phan Thanh Gian, a mandarin of Nguyen dynasty who was appointed as the education officer of Vinh Long 1862.

The front of temple is three-entrance gate, called Tam Quan with the roof being twice, yellow-painted. The main entrance is larger than 2 side entrances and built in the vaulted shape. At the top of the main entrance has three Chinese characters and below them is Vietnamese transliteration- Van Thanh Mieu. On the two pillars of the gate is a pair of wooden panels inscribing the virtue and talent of the Confucius and praising the temple.

Entering the temple, tourists will feel the quiet and solemn atmosphere. At the right of the temple is a 2 storey building-Van Xuong Cac. The first floor of Van Xuong Cac is used to keep books and read book. It is also the place where intellectuals and Confucian scholars gather to read books and discuss literature and poetry. The second floor is used to worship Van Xuong De Quan, the deity taking charge of the academy and examination. Also, here is used for worshiping gods in VInh Long such as Nguyen Thong, Truong Van Uyen, and Nguyen Tri Man

From Van Xuong Cac, going along the paved road about 100m, tourists will arrive in the main area of the temple. The area is reserved for worshiping Confucius and four of his famous disciples Yan Hui, Zeng Zi, Zisi, and Mencius. Outside the temple is two small and simple shrines, called Ta Vu and Huu Vu that are used for worshiping 72 outstanding students of Confucius, known as That Thap Nhi Hien or the 72 talented persons. There is lots of stele built in 1867, carved articles of Phan Thanh Gian in the front of the stele and the merit of the contributors at the back.

Visiting the temple of literature, tourists will have a chance to contemplate an ancient and tranquil beauty which gives tourists the comfort feeling during their Mekong delta travel

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