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Mekong Delta River tour to Phung Hiep Floating Market

Mekong Delta River tour to Phung Hiep Floating Market


Phung Hiep Floating Market, also known as Nga Bay market, is located in Nga Bay town, Hau Giang province. The floating market was formed in 1915; this is the place to purchase, exchange commodities of residents in Mekong Delta. The intertwined river system has created particular characteristics for Mekong delta that cannot find at anywhere. When coming to the Southwest, tourists will be immediately impressive on the simple and rustic beauty of the rice fields, laden fruit orchards along with unique activities on the river of local people.

Phung Hiep floating market

Unlike other markets in the North Vietnam, this market takes place on the river creating an interesting and strange feeling for tourists once putting foot on this land. For a long time, the floating market has become a particular feature of the Mekong Delta Vietnam. There are many well-known floating markets in Vietnam such as Cai Be, Cai Rang, Phong Dien..., but the most bustling and famous floating market is Phung Hiep.

Located next to the National Highway No.1A, about 30km away from Can Tho city to the south, Phung Hiep floating market is the most famous market of Hau Giang province. It is also an interesting place attracting numerous tourists in Mekong River Delta tour. This market focuses many different types of goods to serve for not only locals but also people in the North or friends all over the world. From the early morning, hundreds of boats come here more crowded than a barrel of monkeys. There are many various colors and sounds creating a fun and busy atmosphere. That's the red color of rambutans, yellow color of mangoes and the sweet fragrance of durians...  Looking from above, the river looks like shimmering colorful silks. All are specialties of the Southwest. You can buy as a gift for your friends and relatives with the reasonable price.

Particularly, it is not necessary to advertise or sell. Each boat has a long stick hanging items that are sold on the boat, as a "live sign", buyers will not have to search. In addition, there are small boats that sell food creep through the large boats skillfully.  In addition, there are small boats that sell food creep through the large boats skillfully. Sitting on the boat, tourists can enjoy a hot bowl of noodle or a cup of delicious coffee among four sides of the water. This is really an interesting experience in Mekong Delta tour. The morning market is always bustling and crowded.  Unlike the market on the mainland, though the floating market is crowded, the jam or the collisions have never occurred.  The majority of drivers is the sincere and rustic women in “Ao ba ba” (Vietnamese silk dress). Phung Hiep Floating Market is the blend of the color, the sound and the taste, a unique feature that are hard to find elsewhere. The scene is crowded and warm. These main things have created folk song that has been handed down to future generations until now.

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