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Mekong Delta to Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015

Mekong Delta to Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015


Ben Tre is known as the coconut land of Mekong Delta because the province has the largest coconut area in the country, accounting for one third of the country's coconut. Coconut industry has always played an important role in the socio-economic development of the province. Therefore, the province has taken place annual Ben Tre Coconut festival to honor the value of coconut trees and encourage, promote the development of coconut industry. Ben Tre has elevated the provincial festival to become the national festival in 2012, and in the 4th festival will be held on a large scale in April, 2015.

A Corner of Coconut Street in the festival

Ben Tre coconut has become coconut forest and it is dubbed as "the native coconut" in Mekong Vietnam. The nature has bestowed for this land the favorable conditions to grow coconut trees throughout 3 eco-regions including salty, brackish and freshwater. Coconut trees has accompanied with Ben Tre people for centuries, attached to the military and people in Ben Tre during the wars of national liberation and the building prosperous homeland. In 2014, the production of coconut reached more than 500 millions fruits, the product value of coconut products accounts for 15% of the total industrial value of the province, coconut products have been exported in 68 countries and territories around the world.

To promote internal force and improve the economic efficiency of coconut industry in Mekong River Delta and introduce coconut trees and coconut produces to all regions in Vietnam and in the world, Ben Tre has successfully taken place the previous festivals, especially the 3rd Coconut festival in 2012 which received direction of the central ministries and industries, the support of the provinces, enterprises, farmers and enterprises in Asia Pacific coconut community (APCC). To promote the achievement of the previous festivals, simultaneously position the coconut industry and the coconut products of Ben Tre in particular and of Vietnam in general in the world market, develop the coconut industry in the integration phase, promote and introduce to both domestic and international tourists, with the approval of Prime Minister Ben Tre will take place the the 4th Coconut Festival in 2015.

Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015 is expected to hold from 7th to 13th of April, 2015. Accordingly, Ben Tre Coconut Festival will be taken place from 7th to 13th of April, 2015. The festival will be opened at 20.00 of April 7th, 2015 at the Ben Tre stadium. In the festival many interesting activities will be taken place such as music concerts in opening and closing ceremonies, trade fair, Techmart 2015, exhibition events, scientific workshops on topics related to coconut and human health, etc. These activities certainly give for tourists the chances to explore and learn more about the lives of local people.

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