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Mekong Delta travel to explore Dong Thap

Mekong Delta travel to explore Dong Thap


Dong Thap is located in the Mekong Delta, one of three provinces of Dong Thap Muoi. Coming to Dong Thap Muoi, tourists seem to be back the natural root by the fresh and cool air of fertile rice fields. Tourists can go on dinghies to visit specific historical relics, Kien An Cung ancient architecture, the bird garden in Thap Muoi, the rare crane garden in Tam Nong , Xeo Quit mandarin, Tan Qui Dong flower village, Chau Thanh

Kien An Cung Pagoda

The first attraction in Dong Thap is Tram Chim National Garden with the area of 7621ha, is located in Tam Nong, Dong Thap. The national garden has a beautiful natural landscape and the diverse ecosystem with about 130 different plant species. Also, it is the habitat of hundreds of vertebrate animals, dozens of fish species and more than 198 water birds accounting for one quarter of all birds in Vietnam. Among them, there are many rare birds in the world as white wing swans, pelicans, Java adjutant, especially red-headed crane. They are classified in the World Red Book and need to protect. Every year, from the late December to the early May, these cranes fly in Tram Chim to reside. Coming here at this time, tourists will see flocks of red-headed crane along with other birds flying hereto feed. Currently, Tran Chim National Garden is invested, upgraded to become an attractive eco-tourism. Hence, it will be an ideal place of tourists in Mekong Vietnam.

Another attraction is Kien An Pagoda. The pagoda is also known as Ong Quach pagoda in the center of Sa Dec town. This is the cultural work recognized as the national historical monument in 1990. The pagoda was built from 1924 to 1927 by a Chinese group in Sa Dec to worship their ancestors and teach their children. Coming here in Mekong delta travel, tourists will have the opportunity to contemplate a unique, splendid and solemn architecture. The pagoda was built in the style of Cong script, consists of 3 areas in which the sanctuary is the widest. The roof of the pagoda is made meticulously with 3 layers: first layer is tiles, the second layer is bricks and the last one is more tiles.

In front of the main hall has 2 large unicorns made from green stone and carved cleverly. Two sides are two statues of God and Evil. Stepping inside, the small open-air courtyard is used to worship according to ancient customs. The massive columns in the main hall hanging horizontal panels, parallel sentences are carved splendidly and solemnly. If tourists have a chance to visit Dong Thap, they should visit Kien An Cung pagoda to contemplate the unique work engraved sophisticatedly.

Last but not least, Phong My communal house is an ancient architectural work standing out among peaceful villages. The communal house is ancient and elegant with the tiled roof and flowered enameled tile floor. The roof of the middle and rear house is decorated in fish and dragon designs beautifully and skillfully. Inside the communal house is the horizontal lacquered broad and parallel sentences brilliantly gilded. Its harmonious location with landscape and unique architecture creates the attraction of Phong My communal house to tourists in Vietnam Mekong delta.

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