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A memorable trip around North Vietnam and Laos with Indochina tours

A memorable trip around North Vietnam and Laos with Indochina tours


Travelling around Southeast Asian, visitors will experience the friendliness, tolerance as well as the simplicity of the people and cultures. Joining in Indochina tours">Indochina tours">Indochina tours, you also have chances to discover a lot of ancient temples, various historic monuments as well as numerous of artificial and natural wonders.

Whether you fancy a cup of coffee in Hanoi Vietnam capital city, a kayaking tour in Ha Long Bay or visits around Golden City Temple of Laos, you can cover all these exciting places just by booking an Indochina package tour. Or else, you should map the tour carefully with the available transportation there. For many young people, an exciting way to get around is to purchase a motorbike and enjoy a riding journey.

In the very first day, you can visit many Hanoi attractiosn around the Old Quarter. The Temple of Literature Quoc Tu Giam is very well-known as the first national university of Vietnam. The Vietnam Womens Museum is one of the most interesting museums in Hanoi besides the Air Force Museum, the Army Museum, the National Museum of Vietnam History Many foreigners love the museum so much because it highlights the role of Vietnames women through the war peace time. After that, you should also visit Thang Long Theater to watch a water puppet show a unique and traditional characteristics of Vietnamese culture. Visitors will be attracted at listening to stories and watching the movement on water of the puppets.

It can be said that delicious street foods are the soul of Hanoi city; therefore you should never neglect to try some of them. Especially, sitting with citizens in a street mobile stall at night is a memorable experience that no one would forget during the time in the city.

In the second or third day, you can leave the busy bustling city to let yourself floating on the oceanic immensity. A Halong Bay cruise will take you to many wonderful places such as Amazing Cave, Luon Grotto as well as fishery villages on its way. In the junk boat at night, you can either lie on the deck and look at the sky or listen to a piece of music in the bar. The fresh salt air and the sound of gentle waves lapping on the freeboard will perfect your night in the bay.