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Patuxai the Laos Triumphal Arch

Patuxai the Laos Triumphal Arch


Lying at the end of Lan Xang Avenue (Thanon Luang Avenue) to the North West of Vientiane, Patuxai is the symbol for the victory of Laos people and regarded as the symbol of this city. People in the Land of a million elephants consider Patuxai as the Triumphal Arch of Vientiane. This structure was built to honor the Laos soldiers who had fought in the war against French army.

Patuxai Vientiane Laos

Most tourists coming to Vientiane spend time to visit Patuxai. Patuxai is located at the center of the most beautiful road in the capital city of Laos. You can easily see it from a distance whichever direction you go from. Lying proudly at the intersection of streets in the capital, Patuxai is the place to welcome first morning sunlight and also the place to watch sunset clearly when the night is coming.

Patuxai is called with many other names such as the Vertical Runway, Cement Monster or Champ Elyse of the East Land. This structure was built from 1962 to 1968. Lack of expenditure and other financial reasons has delayed the building progress of Patuxai for many times. Until now this is still an unfinished project. To Laos people, it is because this represents a part of the hard time living in poverty in the history of Laos. Through this work, Laos old people want to leave a message to future generations to build a more prosperous country. Patuxai bears resemblances to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris mixing with typical cultural features of Laos such as the Kinari symbol half woman half bird, the embossment representing Rama epic and towers bearing characteristic Laos architecture.

Going up to spiral stairs, tourists will reach the 7th floor of the tower. From here, you will have a broad view of Vientiane. You can easily see the city hall, Pha That Luang (a world cultural heritage site, the symbol of the Theravada Buddhism in Laos), the largest market in Vientiane, the Bright Market, etc. Patuxai provides tourists a panorama of the city.

Lying at the center of a large square in the capital city, Patuxai is a truly symbol of Vientiane and the proud of Laos people.

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