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Phung Hill Resort beautiful flower of Mekong Delta

Phung Hill Resort beautiful flower of Mekong Delta


At Phung Hill, there are architectural and exquisite fancy monuments of Coconut Religion formed by Nguyen Thanh Nam from the 60s of the last century. Phung Hill Resort which is voted as one of the typical beauty spots of the Mekong Delta, with total area of 30.00sqk, is designed in open architecture, immersed in nature with peculiarities "Green - Clean - Nice ".

Plain of Reeds

Like other tourism destinations, Con Phung has many attractive services. Specifically, tourists can go sightseeing along rivers by yachts, visit orchards around the dunes and discover the daily routine of people living along the Tien riverside.

Travelling this area of Mekong Vietnam, guests also have experiences on motor boats, rowing boats on rivers and ditches that both sides of them are full of water coconut trees. On land there are orchards weighted down with fruits. Besides, visitors will have chance to try on riding chariots, bike to contemplate paths of coconut village and communicate with friendly local people.

Mekong Delta Sunset at Mekong River

At night, visitors can join some activities like watching and catching fireflies. With flashing lights, wildly off of fireflies on the cork-tree along the river in quiet night, you can listen to crackling sound somewhere of the wind that makes waves lap against the shore and the rustling sound of coconut leaf.

Or at sunset, standing at high level of Phung Hill to contemplate the sunset, you can see the sun disappearing behind the coconut trees as if sinking down Ben Tre-the land of coconut. It is really gentle, quiet, and romantic.

Coming to Mekong Delta, it's quiet and fun for visitors to explore the orchards at daytime. There are also some traditional crafts of the local area. Tourists can participate in the process of producing coconut candy, cake, making handicrafts from coconut or engage in leisure activities. When tired tourists can take a rest or lure yourself into the hammock in the garden under the shade of fruit trees.

Or in the summer afternoon, visitors will walk on village roads with shaded green trees, just watch the orchards weighted with fruits and experience the daily life of people, enjoy fresh fruits in the garden, coconut candies, enjoy on-spot or bring as a gift for loved ones .

Con Phung Thuy Ta Restaurant

Phung Hill restaurants system includes separate areas: Thuy Ta Restaurant, garden restaurants, riverside restaurants, restaurants serving international guests ...All of them are very spacious and have the capacity of 2,000 customers. These restaurants are ideal places to hold important meetings: Year-end, client conferences, gatherings of friends, family, relatives, parties, wedding banquet, birthday, anniversary wedding anniversary ...

con phung

Travelling Mekong Delta and visiting Phung Hill Resort, tourists can really get close to the nature and explore the rural garden lifestyle of the local people. Moreover, they can participate in folk entertainments such as going fishing, catching crocodiles, sailing, swimming, cycling, horse riding on village roads, visiting fruit gardens, contemplating the charming beauty of the fields from the spiritual "Long - Lan - Quy - Phung" land.

Visiting Mekong River Delta, you should not miss enjoying special dishes: giant fried fish, pancakes, fried sticky rice, jar-grilled chicken, fried butter coconut ... are cooked carefully by chefs of restaurants with many advantages of raw materials available in here. It can be ensured that tourists can have chance to enjoy fresh, tasty, and high nutrition dishes. Visitors if once taste these special dishes along with the attentive professional, enthusiastic service, and hospitable staff, it will certainly give visitors the relaxed and cool moments.

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