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Special tips on Laos Tours

Special tips on Laos Tours


After traveling in Vietnam for some days, and you want to visit other countries in Indochina area. You can drop by Laos. Laos is beautiful country in Southeast Asia. In Laos Tour, tourists will be impressed by the magnificent buildings and breathtaking landscapes. Gold leaf, typical beauty spots and special cultural identities can stun the eyes of any onlooker.

Tuk tuk

Talking about transportation, Tuk tuk is considered a popular means of transport in Laos. This kind of vehicle might help you to travel around cities conveniently and easily. Lao people are very easygoing; thus, at sightseeing in Laos you can use many different currencies as Lao currency, Baht, USD and even VND (Vietnam dong). In many places where Vietnamese is living, you can easily spend Vietnam dong buying and visiting. Because you might take part in many activities in Laos, so you should prepare hats, masks, goggles, sunglasses and gloves to protect yourself. You should wear soft shoes as you will have to walk a lot between attractions. You should not wear sandals because the sunlight is very intense in summer, and it may harm your skin as well.

night market

In Laos holiday, tourists will be surprised that most goods in Laos are imported from Thailand and China. Tourists will freely choose what to buy in Laos such as souvenirs. The cheapest goods are cosmetic products like shampoos, shower gels, and toothpaste. Some other household electrical items such as rice cooker, blender, electric stove are easily bought in markets of this country. Thus, tourists will not be worried about preparing such above things when traveling here.

Service of accommodation in Laos is not expensive. The price of local hotels is about 8-12 USD/room. Lao people are very hospitable. They are willing to find directions for you to the famous Lao destinations. Also, Lao food is very various. It is very easy to enjoy Lao food if you have tasted Vietnamese dishes; as both of them have some features of cuisine in common.

Generally, Lao people are gentle, polite and friendly. When traveling in Laos, you will find that Lao people start new day quite late. Most offices are open at 9am. Laos is a Buddhist country, so social evils rarely happen. The meeting time of market is 11 am. At this time you can witness the most exciting moment of the country. The system of traffic in Vientiane has no sound of whistle. If you want to cross the road people will be willing to give your way, even stop completely to let you get through.

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