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Taking Indochina tours in Siem Reap

Taking Indochina tours in Siem Reap


While Phnom Penh capital attracts visitors by its bustling streets and famous Nagaworld casino, Siem Reap impresses visitors by its mystery, ancient of Khmer, one of most glorious civilization. This city is an ideal place for Indochina tours.

Because Cambodia is located near the equator, the best season for visiting here is from November to April. At this time, the weather is usually cool with light wind which provide the best condition for visitors to explore the city and the mysterious Angkor Wat in their Indochina holidays.

Angkor Wat means the capital of temples. It was built by Suryavarman II in the mid of 12th century to worship Vishnu, god of Hindu. The main temple is divided into three levels: hell, earth and heaven. The temple includes 389 rooms with stone carvings on the ceiling, railing and beautiful reliefs along the hall way.

Angkor Wat Campuchia

Visting Siem Reap, visitors should not miss Ta Prohm temple, the most romantic temple located in the Angkor complex. Despite being the greatest temple in Angkor complex, this temples attracts visitors by its unique doors.

Ta Prohm in temple in Cambodia

Angkor Thom impresses visitors with four-face Buddha statues featuring mysterious smiles. Many people believe that it is the face of Jayavarman VII king while others think that they are benevolent smiles which are seem to understand everything about people.

Angkor Thom

Taking Indochina holidays in Siem Reap, visitors should pay a visit to beautiful Tonl Sap Lake. Tonl Sap Lake is the largest fresh water lake in South Asia and it has been recognized as the world Biosphere reserve in 1997 by UNESCO.

tonle sap lake

Kulen Mountain is a new attractions which has been explored in Siem Reap. Located about 48 km to the northeast of Siem Reap, Kulen is an interesting destinations for those who love nature. Visitors can pass through the pristine tropical forests and rocky areas to enjoy the beautiful view of Kulen Mountain. Here, visitors will be surprised with clear water of river located at the foot of the mountain. Moreover, visitors can enjoy thousands of Lingam, Yoni statues carved on the riverbed.

Kulen mountain

Enjoying Indochina package tours, visitors will have wonderful experiences about culture and people of Cambodia.

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