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Taking Lao tours to explore Bunpimay festival

Taking Lao tours to explore Bunpimay festival


Water festival is a traditional culture festival of many countries in Southeast Asia. Lao people call it Bunpimay, Thailand people name it Songkran while in Cambodia, and Myanmar, they call it Thingyan. Taking Laos tours, visitors will have a chance to explore interesting Bunpimay festival.

Bunpimay festival Laos

The festival is celebrated to bring the coolness and prosperity for all things, refresh life and offer luck and health. In these days, people often splash water to others to bless and pray for good weather, a prosperous New Year and happiness. Bunpimay festival is often referred as Bun for short, which means doing good.

Bunpimay festival usually takes place in three days 13,14 and 15 in April according to the Buddhist calendar every year. The first day of the festival is also known as the last day of the old year so people clean houses and paths and prepare fragrant water and flowers. In the afternoon, the villagers gather at Buddhist temples for worshiping, praying or listening to the monks prays. Then, they place Buddha statue in a solemn place for three days. People can come here and bath Buddha. The fragrant water after bathing will be restored and applied to body to pray for good things.

The third day is also the last day with many jubilant activities. Before splashing water, people often give others best wishes. To show the respects, young people splash water to older people to wish for a long live and prosper. They not only splash water into people but also in homes, animals, productions tool. Lao people believe that water will wash away bed things, illness and make them live longer, clean and healthy. The more water they get, the luckier they are. Taking Laos holidays in Bunpimay festival, visitors will have opportunities to enjoy famous Lao cuisine such as buffalo meat, grilled chicken, grilled fish, larb, etc

If visitors take tour Laos in these days, they should be prepared to receive blessing water from friendly Lao people.

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