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Top places to visit in Indochina tours to Cambodia

Top places to visit in Indochina tours to Cambodia


Tours to Indochina countries are becoming more famous for sights bearing specific characteristics of each country. Below are some most well-known places for tourists to consult in Indochina tours to Cambodia.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Cambodia. Visitors coming to Cambodia often go to Siem Reap to contemplate the complex of Angkor Wat, the most famous site in this country before visit other spots. In Siem Reap, tourists can spend a day boating around Tonl Sap or indulging in local specialties and dishes at the markets.

As one of the most developing areas in Cambodia, coming to Siem Reap, tourists can spend time taking part in cultural lessons in ceramics, traditional dances and Khmer cooking. Besides, to release exhaust after time of walking and doing other physical things in your tour, you can try Thai massages or go to the movie theater to watch some Khmer films. Moreover, if you want to explore more about Siem Reap, you can easily take bike tours to the countryside or day tours to surrounding sites near Siem Reap. Its a good chance to enjoy the best of your Indochina tours to Cambodia.

Siem Reap

Angkor Archaeological Park

The Angkor Archaeological Park is the pride of Cambodian people. It is the most majestic structures under the great Khmer civilization. The site is much larger than ones imagination. Located in the area of over 240 square miles, the complex of Angkor includes a lot of stone structures such as statues, temples, buildings, etc.

The masterpiece of Angkor is one of the new seven wonders. Its image is printed on the national flag of Cambodia. The Angkor is the symbol of this country and the must-visit place in Indochina travel to Cambodia.

Phnom Penh

As the capital city of Cambodia, however, Phnom Penh may not be as developed as Siem Reap. The vestige of Khmer Empire still remains until now. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Phnom Penh are the Killing Fields. Killing Fields is the name given after a film with the same name to make it easily recognizable worldwide for tourists. Actually name of this site is Choeung Ek. Tours to this spot is open for tourists to visit and comprehend the bloodstained history of Cambodia. This is where 17,000 victims of the genocide were executed. To have better understanding about the atrociousness of Khmer regime 30 years ago, you can visit the Toul Sleng, which is also known as S21. It used to be a school before Pol Pots forces used it as a house of detention to keep prisoners. Besides, you can go to the Wat Phnom, Royal Place, Silver Pagoda, Ta Mao Zoo, Russian Market, etc. in Indochina tours to Phnom Penh.


The unspoiled beaches in Sihanoukville with pure and crystal clear water are exactly ideal place for you to spend Indochina holidays. In day time you can swim and immense in the cool water of beach. The nightlife in Sihanoukville is busy and boisterous. You can go out, enjoy the fresh air of the beach area, meet and talk with other travelers. Its such a good chance to mingle and have culture exchange.

Tourist services in Sihanoukville are developed. So you do not need to worry about accommodation and places to eat. It is from $5 per bungalow for all 4-star resorts here. There are accommodations suitable for all level of budget. You can feel free to enjoy.

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