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Travel to Vietnam and see the primitive beauty of wild sunflowers

Travel to Vietnam and see the primitive beauty of wild sunflowers


In the past, French sowed the land of Lam Dong plantations with seeds of wild sunflowers. The seed gradually grew up and dominated wild lands throughout the Central Highlands. It is known as the flower of Central Highlands, however, whenever to mention the season of wild sunflowers, perhaps Da Lat is the first name to remember. Many people may make some comparison between wild sunflowers and lots of other lovely flowers in Da Lat but it is the primitive beauty of wild sunflowers that makes it different and strongly attractive to tourists travel to Vietnam and visit Da Lat.

Wild sunflowers start blooming when the dry season comes, mark the opening of Flower Festival. It is also the best time to visit Da Lat, see romantic landscape of the green highland and above all is to wallow in the radiant yellow color of wild sunflowers. To make a small comparison between wild sunflower and sunflower, it is easy to realize that wild sunflower is not as big as sunflower, however, it brings such a warmth in the cool Da Lat climate that tourists cannot help being moved.

Travel to Vietnam and see the primitive beauty of wild sunflowers

Perhaps the typical yellowness of wild sunflower is at its best beauty in the early morning, when the winter sunlight just comes out, shines through tree leaves, reflects dewdrop remaining on leaves and petals. The strong and wild sunflower lives and grows resiliently. Tourists can easily catch the sight of brilliant yellow flowers everywhere in Da Lat, in the city, hillside, alley, on the outskirts. October comes signing the blooming season of wild sunflowers. The stretch of road from Dran to Da Lat, the most beautiful road in Lang Biang highland will bring you the best excitement because flowers bloom overwhelming two sides of the road. If going in the early morning, you may feel like being lost in a fairy land. The clouds is flowing, yellowness mingles in the subtle mist. The road from Lien Khuong Airport to Da Lat is another amazing spot to contemplate wild sunflowers. Beautiful landscape of wild sunflowers has become ideal place for many couples to take wedding photos.

The further you go, the wider and prettier the wild sunflower fields become. Among thousands kinds of flowers in this land, it is so easy to recognize the special color of wild sunflowers. It naturally createsspecial feeling for this land in a tour Da Lat.


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